Monday, 3 October 2011

Tale of Three Fantasy Gamers Monthly Round Up - September


Good evening children and welcome to the first monthly round up of our Tale of Three Fantasy Gamers challenge between Mighty Simo with his rampaging Orc & Goblin horde, Dorn's Arrow and his nightmarish Skaven and myself with my eternal servants of the Tomb Kings.

So far all three of us have managed to create our 1000 point lists which can be found at the links below

Dorn's Arrow's Skaven
Mighty Simo's Orc & Goblin
O'Shashar's Tomb Kings

Looking over the progress made it has been impressive for me to see how quick the other two have jumped into painting their respective armies.

Ork Boyz will even go into the past for a good scrap

Firstly we have the Orc & Goblin horde which is a clan of his own design called "Da Red Skullz", which so far is comprised of ten funky looking Night Goblins, five fantasy Orcs and the five converted Assault on Black Reach Orks shown above. Now he is back from his get away in Cleethorpes ( taking in all the sights of the local pubs & takeaways ) I expect he will ramp it up again.

Rat Ogres still look like Mickey Mouse on steroids to me

Next up we have the Skaven and I am please to tell you that Dorn's Arrow has not been slacking either. He has managed to paint up a lovely looking Rat Ogre and thirty five Clan Rats, which are a mix of hand weapons and the spear wielding varieties. This also includes a rather nice standard bearer to join his full command spear block. Rumours from Mighty Simo suggest he has been busy since his last post and has finished off more painted vermin to offer up to Papa Nurgle in the near future.

Hopefully the shopped cuteness will temper your anger towards me

While I am sure you have guessed it by the tiny cat in place of skeletons, I don't have any painted Tomb Kings to show you. I did paint up a test model using the paints I picked up especially for this project and I have to say that the bone itself came out just how I wanted it to. Unfortunately that was where my luck ran out. The green I used was too green, the red/brown was too brown and the gold was a bit too pristine for my tastes. So as usual this means I am having colour scheme issues, I should have worked out the scheme before starting the challenge but I was confident in my choices ( I always am at the start and should have foreseen this as it isn't the first time ).

So I have picked up a few different colours and had planned to retry my test model before I wrote this post ( it is sat on my desk at this very moment). However changes in my work life have meant I now have a much more time intensive job which while I am enjoying it has encroached on my limited hobby time.

If that wasn't excuse enough ( I am just full of reasons not to paint ) I keep hearing whispers about Warhammer Quest being ran in the next couple of weeks. This was the inspiration for stripping my Justicar Finari model that was in my last post. She has had my attention this Sunday as I had an afternoon to myself. I have managed to sort the base and make a start on her, all being well I will have a post about her up this week if I finish in time.

So at the end of the first month the standings are as follows:
Dorn's Arrow has completed thirty six models out of a hundred and eight
Mighty Simo has completed twenty models out of ninety two
O'Shashar has completed zero models out of fifty seven

Now I know this is painting me in a very bad light and I will be the first to admit it does. My only saving grace is I now have the majority of the models I will need in my possession along with my Tomb Prince stripped back to metal so all being well this month will be more productive on the Tomb King front. Though I have got my copy of Dread Fleet begging me to open it at the minute and if Warhammer quest does take off again I might dust off my Fiametta I picked up to use as a wizard last time round.

Until next time may you spread his blessings to every corner of your world.



  1. Hope to see some of your Tomb Kings soon! I added you to my blog list. If you added mine I would be much obliged (

  2. Good show I have added you to the blog roll now. I will get some Tomb Kings done for the next monthly round up, hopefully before.

  3. yeah i think the IOB rat ogres look kinda dumb too even thou the old ones look dumb at least they dont look as u pointed out 'like mickey mouse on steroids' hahaha i think its the round ears that do it lol check out my bat rep if u have a chance mate would love to hear what u think its my first attempt so bare that in mind if u do watch it :)

  4. I'll check it out this evening so I can treat myself to it with sound. Liking the look of your T'au with the desert camo theme.

  5. Haha, nice post man, loving the fact you have 0 models painted and yet have less to do than me :( damn you horde armies, why do you always draw me in!!! Next challenge I'm going for a super elite army haha!

  6. Have to finish this one up first then can do a 40k one as already got a good idea for a super elite potentially funky looking army which could be filthy.

  7. Space marine/summer/wow/tv/pubs/kotor the list is endless of my excuses for slacking so I can appreciate the lack of skeletons really. At least you found the energy to put a post up, ive even been struggling with that lately nevermind putting some red on some blood angels or a building some rats.

    WHQ should be good, hopefully it will be good enough that it doesn't end after 1 session and might give me the drive to at the very least paint 1 model for it.


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