Friday, 14 October 2011

Justicar Finari - WIP

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for joining me on this dark October evening. As promised in my last post I have an update on my Justicar Finari from Reaper Miniatures. This model is going to be used for Warhammer Quest as a stand in for a Bretonnian Knight, as I am not a massive fan of the original model.

Now I did say this would go out on Friday, however Mighty Simo had planned a post as well so I agreed to wait until this week so that he could post his latest model ( it also let me use the weekend to paint ). Unfortunately real life intervened and left us without a Friday post and me looking like I had slacked off again.

With my volunteer stripped back to the metal, I primed it with a "Desert Yellow" I had left over from my Kroot as I remembered with black on such a small model it made it quite tricky to see the detail. The general consensus is that black should be used when working with metallic paint but it didn't cause me any real grief. I apologise now for the pictures they were work in progress on my desk.

I based the metal with Citadel Mithril Silver and the cloth with Vallejo Prussian Blue. At this point I noticed that the primer wasn't adhering as well as it could have and remembered having the same issue with this model the last time I tried to paint it. I would love to know if this is just me or a common issue with Reaper models as there are some nice ones I wouldn't mind picking up.


Next I put a thin layer of Hawk Turquoise over the Prussian Blue, painted the scabbard and centre of the shield Vallejo Burnt Cad Red and the gold areas with Vallejo Old Gold. The metallics got a Sepia wash and the blade had a mixed wash of blue & black. Though the hair isn't painted in the pictures I used a mix of Beastial Brown and Snakebite Leather along with a flesh wash to give a chestnut hair colour.

For the base I wanted to try and make a stone dungeon floor feel as was going to be used mainly for dungeon exploring. I started by covering the square base in green stuff and dividing it into three sections. Once I was happy with the groove I took a rough stone from the garden and used it to give texture to the base.

After Priming I coated the base in Adeptus Battle Grey, then dry brushed with Shadow Grey before applying a black wash to try and darken the recesses and blend the colours.

Following this I gave a dry brush with Codex grey followed by a thinned down black wash. For my first attempt at a base using green stuff I was happy with the outcome. On reflection I should have made it completely level as the slight curve has made positioning awkward as I don't want one foot to be floating.

Sadly this is the end of my pictures as I had a couple of accidents. First as I was setting up for a picture I knocked my camera which I managed to catch. Though in doing so I knocked the model over and took a lot of paint off the face and hair. After repairing her and not being as happy as I was with the face the first time round I took it outside to varnish.

This is where my second accident happened. I made sure I shook the can thoroughly and I while it had rained in the morning it didn't feel humid or too cold. Sadly as soon as I sprayed the model sections started to frost and when I tried to gently rub off the varnish the paint came off. Back to the painting table I went.

After the third time painting the model in one day I brushed on a gloss varnish and plan to try the matte varnish again if the weather sorts itself out so until then I don't have a completed picture for you.

While I am not as happy with the cloth or the face ( clearly the weak link of the painters ) as I was when I tried to take that fateful picture I am glad the model is ready to be used. She has been sat in a case for too long being ignored and hopefully will be the first of many models I own that get some paint on them as I desperately need the practice. It should also help keep money in the coffers in case the Necron rumours are true so I can get them out of the wardrobe and give them some new friends to play with.

Until next time may you have better luck with your painting than I.



  1. That base looks awesome thanks for telling us how u did it. Might give it a go some day

  2. Thanks I'm happy with the base for a first attempt though it has been an eye opener to how I am going to have to paint a lot more if I want to get better at it.

  3. yeah i totally understand my painting sucks but i get better every model i paint but u are good man dont worry bout that! but i get what u mean perfection is unattainable but thats the way it has to be so you will keep pushing and improving your abilities and techniques all the time :) oh i got another battle report comin up soon you should check it out

  4. As they say practice makes perfect it is just a shame that countless models will have to be stripped to make up for mistakes along the way.

    Look forward to seeing your next battle report is always interesting to see how different people play.

  5. battle report is up finally. I have very little strategic skill and always make the same mistakes i think you'll notice hahaha but we have alot of fun.

  6. Wasnt sure how the base was done when i saw it in person but i did like it, good job really. The model as a whole is a nice one and is painted pretty well, not all we need is for me to stop slacking as well and then it will only be kev without a model.

  7. @FD Mini Painting - Will have to check it out when I get chance to see if you get a cheeky win out of this game.

    @Dalinair - Glad you liked the base I wasn't sure if I left it to stark and almost stuck some red moss or a skeleton arm to it to break it up a bit.
    Hopefully he will pick up a model soon as I sent him a fair selection he could choose from but if I remember right he sold all his brushes and paints with his Orks so may be too costly for one model though could always pay Simo to paint it for him.

  8. I've been playing around with making some custom bases lately. I might have to try your method, it could help me out with my adventurer band.

  9. Hope it helps you out Chris and will have to keep an eye on your blog to see what you come up with.


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