Monday, 24 October 2011

My Finished Justicar Finari

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for making the perilous journey through the warp to join me in giving reverence to our lord.

Tonight my humble offering is my completed Justicar Finari from Reaper Miniatures and follows on from my earlier work in progress post. After the issues I had I was going to leave her as she was and hand varnished with gloss coat for two reasons, firstly I had become completely paranoid I was going to damage her again when I played my first game and secondly I didn't own any brush on matt varnish.

This made the armour look a little too reflective compared with how tarnished it was suppose to be, as well as her cloth, skin and hair looking unnatural. I decided I would pick up a pot of matt varnish and hope it evened out, the trouble was I had a very busy week at work and couldn't find the time to walk up to my local store. After I took some photos of my Necrons last weekend I was filled with motivation to paint and Finari got a little more work. I decided to work on her face, hair and to highlight the cloth.

So without further ado here is my Justicar Finari.

In the end I redid the sword as well as found it disappeared into the armour. It also gave me an excuse to use my Vallejo Gun Metal Blue, which I bought for no other reason than I thought it looked funky. I used it as a base then gradually added Mithril Silver, building up the colour with a mix of thin layers and dry brushing.

With her hair I added streaks of a darker brown to the recesses as they had been lost after the second repaint. For the cloth I mixed Hawk Turquoise with a touch of Enchanted Blue and used broad highlights. I then added gentler highlights using a 1:1 ratio of Hawk Turquoise and Enchanted Blue.

The base I was torn between adding a skeletal arm or some red lichen used sparingly. After speaking with my fellow adventurers during our first Warhammer Quest dungeon, they seemed to like the base as it was and thought that anything else would take away from the feel of the stark dungeon floor.

Now I know I am not going to be winning a Golden Daemon any time soon, I am however happy to have this model done and to a better standard than I was planning to leave it at. For my first attempt at highlighting I am pleased with how it turned out and I have learnt a few things, mainly I need to take my time, keep a steady hand and practice as much as I can. As without practice I will never improve and there is a lot of room for improvement judging by the quality of work I have seen others publish on their own sites.

On the subject of improving my painting abilities I welcome any criticism that you may have.

On a final note this will be my Bretonnian Knight stand in and will go by the name of "Sabriel la mort d'argent" which should be the "Sabriel the silver death" however if any of you speak/write French and this is incorrect please correct me.

Until next time remember you are never alone as long as you carry Papa Nurgle's pestilent blessings.



  1. She looks great! It may just be the picture, but the gold needs a little more work, I'd maybe give it a couple of brown and red (ogryn flesh) washes to give it a little more depth.

    I started her a few months ago but put her away and forgot about her until now!

    I'll be digging her out later to finish off :)

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Looking pretty good, very colourful i like the blue on there alot. Now you just need to paint loads of skeletons for us to use when a roll a 1 and get 2d6 skeletons :)

  3. @Rob/Apoc - Thanks glad you like it. When I did the gold, I tried to do a small highlight with silver and washed it with sepia. It does look a little better in person. So either I took a poor picture or the matt varnish took away the shine of the metal. Realistically I think it might be a mix of the two so will have to watch out for it on the next model and I appreciate the suggestions.

    @Dalinair - Thanks I am happier with the model now I did a bit more work on it after seeing Mighty Simo's Dwarf. I do plan to get some TK Skeles done when I get chance so have to see what monsters are on the list.

  4. lvl2 is a massive selection, well they all are but the early ones seem worse with no theme at all. 13-25 are monsters (random ones, ogres, centaurs, minotaurs etc) then 26-34 are chaos daemons of various types, 35-43 are orks, beastmen, skaven and goblins then the rest are random monsters again with a few undead thrown in. Makes it a nightmare for painting monsters to use.

    Personally I think DM should theme the dungeon and always just use certain types of monster.

  5. Seems a bit strange with the random combinations though nothing to stop DMs themeing the dungeon with a story and monsters that fit in could work with a little effort.

  6. Really good job you've done there for your first attempt at doing highlights.

  7. Any chance you'd be willing to sell this mini?


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