Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Cleaver'land Greens

Greetings all you pestilent friends. Recently I have become a bit bogged down in all the Skaven Slaves I have been painting, and so decided to have a break. This coincided nicely with the start of the NFL season. It got me thinking, I am a big Cleveland Browns fan (unfortunately as there isn't much to love at the moment), and I wondered if I could create an Orc Blood Bowl team with the look of the Browns, but looking as Orc-y and as mean as ever. So here is the 1st member of the Cleaver'land Greens:

One Lineman down, once I have a few more I will probably add numbers to the metal plate on his back, to help designate his position. I shall have to see what other Orc/Ork bits I have lying around and plan the rest of my team, I'm thinking a couple of Black Orc Blockers, a goblin or 2, and hopefully a troll in there somewhere also. I know Mighty Simo has an almost complete Norse team, so hopefully if I continue building the team there could be a game or 2 in the new year, maybe even on Superbowl Sunday.

That's all from me for now, just a quick post, then its back to the Skaven Slaves, and a test model for my Dark Angels :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Crashed Aquilla Lander Completed

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us again at Nurgle favored cupboard. Now firstly I will apologise for being away for some time now, but some as you know I have had an entire house to decorate and let me tell you it is not fun. Most of that has now been done and the time I have had I have finished my crashed Aquilla lander.

I purchased  some Vallejo gloss varnish to paint over the glass sections once I had finished protect coating the piece with Army Painter's Matt Varnish spray. I think the end result has turned out rather well and I am pleased with the 'glass' effect I achieved  The only thing I don't like is the 'smiling faces' you will see in image below. It almost as if a lone guardsmen survived the crash and is beaming a smile outwards from the glass. 'Haha! You didn't kill me. The emperor is watching over me!'. Also as you can see below I ended up going for a golden Aquilla rather then the white one I was deliberating over.

On another note I picked up my new shiny Chaos codex today. The sultry voices from the warp are already calling me to read it entirely and decide what to buy from the new stuff, which will be hard because it all looks amazing! The new style of codex is awesome though and it well worth the extra cost. I have one of the new fantasy hardback books and they feel more sturdy.

Until the next time you grace Nurgle's favored cupboard, may Nurgles blessings fall on you.

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