Friday, 27 April 2012

Tale of 3 Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Good day and welcome back to our humbled Cupboard of Nurgle. In the cupboard this week I have an offering of some painted Gobbo's for my Orc and Goblin Horde. I am currently finishing off another 5, which I hope to get done by this weekend so that I can attempt to get my Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cavalry underway and done by the 9th May, which will be a bit of a challenge with the size of it.

So hopefully by this weekend I will have 15/20 of these done and I will be one step closer to having a 1000 point army to have game. I have noticed that I have forgotten to put the white triangles around the hood and this will need doing to tie them in with the Night Goblin Spear regiment. I will do this after I have finished my Thunder Wolf.

As O'Shashar has mentioned, we are doing this as a celebration of our first birthday. Unfortunately we will not be giving these models away, but we are welcoming others to submit photos of their Thunder Wolf Cavalry and we will have a vote for the best painted model again. The winner can walk away with the smug feeling of having the best painted model. 

To prevent your hard work from being exploited by the inter webs we would suggest taking the picture that says Cupboard of Nurgle and your name or username. It will be easy to spot if anyone tries to pass of your model as work they have done themselves ;)

Please send you pictures to

That's all for this week. Thank you for stopping by and may Nurgles blessings forever be in your favor.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Single Model Painting Challenge - Thunder Wolf Cavalry

Good evening children of the plague father and thank you for joining us once again in our corner of the warp. Following on from my last post which mentioned we were planning to start single model painting challenge on a regular basis ( better ideas for the name are welcome ).

The model we have chosen this time is the Games Workshop Thunder Wolf Cavalry so this will give us similar models to work with but they won't be identical due to the pack being made up of three different wolves and riders.

We now all have our models assembled and I managed to prime my own yesterday along with my three Crypteks in between the lovely April showers it is time to put a time frame to be finished by.

After speaking with my fellow bloggers we have decided that May the 9th should be the end of the challenge as is the Cupboard of Nurgle's first birthday which isn't bad for a blog we only started because Mighty Simo said we really should have a blog if we were going to Blogwars.

Until next time continue to drink deeply from the cauldron of pestilence.


Friday, 20 April 2012

What's that on the dark seas???

Avast ye land lubbers, finally I spot ships on the horizon! After much longer than I had hoped, I finally have some pictures of two completed Dreadfleet models.

The models are so detailed it has taken me ages to paint them, probably about a month each. Thinking about it, apart from these and the Nurgle Lord for our recent competition I don't think I have painted anything else all year! (This will be remedied soon!)

The sails in particular are a real challenge, as it took lots of thin layers of paint to build up a smooth coat, but I'm really pleased with the results. The ships are packed full of tiny details such as cannons, anchors, and gold statues etc, and so at times it seemed like there was always another step to go to completion.

The writing on the scrolls was very daunting but by using a bit of a guide from a very sharp H pencil, I was able to produce a look that I'm happy with. To be honest, I'm not sure which of the two ships I actually prefer now that I've finished them both, and that can only be a good thing from my gaming perspective as I will be happy to command either vessel.

Alas, I have grown weary of painting ships (or rather I need a break from it), and also I need to catch up with Mighty Simo in the Tale of X Gamers challenge, so its back to the ratmen for me (and also a certain Thunderwolf). Until next time, let the pestilent one grant thee scurvy and all other manner of sea-faring nastiness :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Necron Work In Progress Round Up

Good evening followers of the pestilent one and thank you for joining me once again. As I mentioned in my last post I am considering getting a ticket for Blog Wars 3 as I had a good day with my T'au last year but want to take my Necrons.

As such I have ignored posting a bit to make a start on getting the models built up. So far I have assembled a Ghost Ark, Annihilation Barge, the Crypteks from my last post and a lord. I also have made a start on some Immortals and cleaning up some wraiths I managed to trade off of Mighty Simo. The list I have tried and made a few tweaks with though I still think it will need work due to me only have 3 or 4 games of 40k with the new codex.

I imagine from my limited experience with the army and lack of 40k in general of late that I will probably do quite poorly at Blogwars but someone has take home that tasty wooden spoon trophy.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but this week has been pretty hectic for me and spent my free time building has left me a bit drained. The Ghost Ark is a nice model which I will be reviewing as a model to build over the next week as well as trying to get more of my army built up and based so I can work on the painting.

However it isn't all Necrons all the time for me as after painting our Nurgle Lords together it got Mighty Simo and myself talking about seeing if we could make this a regular thing so we can try our hands at different models from armies we don't play and it seems like it could be a lot of fun ( at least until I have to paint then I might have second thoughts ).

As his Nurgle Lord garnished the most votes he was granted the honour of picking our first model and then we will take it in turns to pick. After a lot of head scratching he has chosen to paint the Space Wolf Thunder Wolf Cavalry which just so happens to come in a handy box of three models.

This tied in well with our FLGS having a 20% discount on so I picked up a box of these terrible beasts, chose my favourite and the war gear I wanted and have passed the rest on to my fellow bloggers. We haven't set a time frame for these yet but should have more information posted in the near future.

Until next time keep pestilence close to your heart and it will be your lone companion in the darkness.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

WIP Necron Warriors & Crypteks

Good morning travellers of the warp It is good to see you have once again joined me in the darkest recesses of Nurgle's cupboard. I apologise if you have seen this post going to a dead link I accidentally published this early and with the new blogger interface it hadn't been removed from the blog rolls when I checked this morning after rolling it back last night, so here it is ahead of schedule.

 Today I have for you an update on my Necrons I purchased when the codex was released but have struggled with an update to my paint scheme. After much trial and error on one poor warrior who now knows most of my paint collection intimately .

So first up here are my work in progress warriors. I kept my original dark metal colour which is a base of tin bitz then touches of gun bolt metal finished with devlan mud wash. On to this I used burnt cadre red from vallejo for the shoulders and the gun barrel. The beam on the weapon was done with thinned layers of blood red, blazing orange, sunburst yellow and a dab of white. While they are far from perfect I feel they are going in the right direction.

I have also been building a few of my models to try and move away from model rep as much as I can as it does annoy me that I know I have the model unassembled when I'm using different models even if I am delayed with the painting.

First up is the official model. While it is finecast it isn't massively misshapen though it did come with a large amount of flash and has a rather sizeable hole on his leg which I plan to try out some liquid green stuff on.

This handsome fellow is the first of my two I kit bashed from a Lychguard box I have. Essentially the only changes I made opposed to a Lychguard is a I assembled him with a Deathmark head and the rod of the covenant instead of a war scythe. I think once it is painted up it will be different enough to be obvious what it is without being over the top and rivalling a Lord.

Last up is the same basic idea as above but with the alternative body for the jump infantry and the tabard instead of the tail they have. Personally I don't like this as much with the orbs on his back and the cage over him but gives me a nice variety of Crypteks to remember who has what.

I am having a game later this evening which if it goes well for me my next models to make it to my assembly table will be a pair of Ghost Arks.

Until next time may the infectious pox of Nurgle blight your every waking moment so you may feel his presence fortify your spirit as your body becomes a shrine filled with his gift of life.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tale of Three Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Good evening loyal followers of the decaying one. As I mentioned last week when I posted up my finished Night Goblin Shaman and Night Goblin Fanatic that I had 5 more models completed for you this week. I have completed the first 5 Night Goblins with Short bows. They have turned out rather nicely and I am currently under way painting another 5 at the moment.

Happy April fools day to everyone I hope you don't get pranked too badly!

As soon as have anything else finished I will make sure I get it posted up as soon as possible. Until next time thank you for stopping by our humbled cupboard and may the blessing of Nurgle fall upon you.
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