Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bones Kickstarter Final Few Days

Good afternoon children of Nurgle and thank you for joining us today. Today I would like to point out that Reaper's kick starter project for Bones is in its last few days and they have smashed their targets and have thrown in a large amount of stretch goal models.

Myself and the Mighty Simo are going in at the Vampire level as you get an awful lot for your money ( even if you do have to wait until March ) and the reviews of the existing Bones range is positive.

If you want to get in on the action the project can be found here. What is included with the Vampire pledge is shown below and this doesn't include the extras you can add on.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Skaven Update)

Greetings fellow followers of The Decayed One, it feels ages since I last posted, I must have got lost in Nurgle's garden. In actual fact I have been busy the last few weeks redecorating, however I have a progress update to show you:

Skavenslaves (almost complete)

Recently I have been working on my skavenslaves unit. I now have 6 ranks of slaves completed, so only another 10 slaves to paint for the list :) Currently half the slaves have shields and half don't (this is due to using the starter set for half of them. In time the ones with shields will be a second clan rat unit, and I will paint up more scabby ones as slaves without shields).

You may notice a skink which my girlfriend painted for me, and also a couple of night goblins who have been strung along into the horde (through no choice of their own I'm sure). I'm hoping to add another couple of non-ratty types to the group as well as more rats with whips to herd them on.

So as for the progress updates here are all the models I have painted so far for my list:

Rat Ogres and Packmaster (Complete)

Stormvermin (9 more to paint)

Clanrats with spears and shields (19 more to paint)
My list is starting to come together, but still a lot of rats left to get through. I'm currently halfway through painting the Warlock Engineer and the Poisoned Wind Mortar team (trying out a new technique on the warlock's halberd too, so hopefully that will come off well), but am on holiday next week, so no painting :( but lots of sun and fun :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Aegis Defence Line Work In Progress

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for joining us once again in our pestilent paradise found deep within his garden of decay. Today I would like to present to you my progress on an Aegis Defence line I picked up before the latest price increase and with a 20% discount to boot so was a steal.

I planned to do a simple scheme on this and knock it out fairly swiftly as a test model for my airbursh. I started by priming it black then giving it a coat of Burnt Umber. Next I applied Yellow Ochre as when thinned down ( possibly too much ) it took on the colour of Desert Yellow however straight from the bottle it is much brighter.

From here I intended to hit it with a wash and then pick out the Aquila and I would be done but then disaster struck and I search for pictures of other Aegis Defence Lines for "inspiration" and found among the hordes done in the Games Workshop method I had intended to use I saw a beautiful example where the painter had picked out the reinforced sections and graffiti painted on.

Now this got me raiding the paint chest for a metallic colour to work against the flat panels and decided that copper would do the job nicely with it being such a warm looking metal for my desert board. After picking out the detail front and back then using Dhenab Stone for the Aquila I applied a Sepia wash.

Now this is where I have got to so far but real life has gotten in the way recently and posting and hobby time took a big hit. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track as this still needs the bullet holes darkening and possibly a soot effect adding to them and the panels giving a bit more depth  (not to mention the small matter of the autocannon that is sat waiting to be sprayed ).

Until next time keep spreading his noxious touch to all you meet.

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