Friday, 2 September 2011

Tale of Three Gamers Orcs and Goblins 1000 point Army List and Update

Hello again followers of the All Father. Today I offer you my 1000 point Orc and Goblin army list and a couple of pictures of my current progress through my greenskin horde. Now similar of O'Shashar I have not fully read the rule book, but I have skimmed through and read alot of posts and ideas at DakkaDakka to try and get an idea of what to field in my army. I don't want to make it fully competitive, I want to use it as a base to increase my greeenskins to 2000+ points and to learn the game. So without further delay here is my list:



Orc Big Boss with Great Weapon (General)
Orc Big Boss with Great Weapon, Gamblers Armour (Battle Standard Bearer)
Night Goblin Shamen Level 2 Core 20 Orc Boyz with Full Command, Hand Weapon and Shield 20 Orc Boyz with Full Command, Two Hand Weapons 20 Night Goblins with Full Command, Spear and Shield, 1 Fanatic 20 Night Goblins with Musician, Short bows 5 Goblin Spider Riders with Musician 5 Goblin Spider Riders with Musician Special Orc Boar Chariot

OK, as I have said I know its not the best list, as ideally I should have 40 Orc Boyz with dual hand weapons, 40 Night Gobbos with Spears and Shields and instead of the Boar Chariot take a Wolf Chariot or two. The reason I haven't done this is after this army is painted up I am going to increase the 3 blocks of infantry by 20. I will look at adding some war machines for ranged support and an Orc Shaman for more magic. I think the list I've done is the best I could have done with what I had and will help me learn to play the game pretty well. It will also mean that despite Orcs and Goblins being quite a slow army the 3 small blocks of infantry should be able out flank O'shashar as I outnumber him in men and units. This should hopefully apply with Dorn's Arrow, but I have seen his list on Dakka and he has a horde of Skaven Slaves...not good.

As promised I have below a picture of 5 Orc Boyz I have finished painting. I do have another 5 but they are currently undergoing being sprayed by matt varnish so they weren't ready but I will post a picture of them when I'm back. The Orcs I painted with 3 different shades of browns, a dirty white cloth and black leather to represent them scavenging the clothes from where ever they can find. The spot colour I have used it the red. This is because they are from Da' Red Skullz tribe that I decided to make up.

Below are 10 of my Night Goblins with spears. Rather then go for the normal black robes, I plumbed for a dark purple. Then around the faces white triangles, as this helps frame the faces. I kept with the traditional bright yellow moons on the shields as I felt this contrasted well with the purple. I haven't decided on a name for this tribe yet so I am open to suggestions.

Anyway I will be leaving the blog with my trusted colleagues as of tomorrow I'm of to sunny (hopefully) Cleethorpes for a week. Until next time my fellow brethren of the Plague Father.


  1. Looking good, I like the purple gobbos though not keen on being out numbered by both of you :)

  2. As always your painting is awesome! Purple robes look swish!!!

    Don't worry O'Shashar, I'm worried about your potential to do much magic damage!


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