Monday, 28 May 2012

Dorn's Arrow's Finished Thunderwolf

Greetings fellow followers of the Plague God. On Friday I finally finished my Thunderwolf (sorry about the delay, its been a very busy couple of weeks).

This was a fantastic opportunity to try out some new techniques (I have never painted that much fur),  and just a great chance to paint one of the Sons of Ruus. For the wolf I wanted to base the colours on those on the front of the box, and so went for a striped wolf of greys and browns, with a blend into a khaki highlight to tie the colours together naturally. I also wanted to go with a snowy base and so this was the first model I have tried modelling snow on and am quite pleased with the way the wolf and base go together as though its a natural habitat.

The kit was great with lots of options. Being a Crimson Fists player, there is just something in me which screams "grab the power fist!" So I did. Assembling the kit did take a while as Mighty Simo mentioned in his post, but the resulting pose is really dynamic and there were so many options no one really had to surrender any items they wanted to use.

To paint the marine I followed the tips in a recent white dwarf (with the old paints) although I added a few layers between the basecoat and edge highlight to blend the armour colours a bit more. Adding battle damage was also a first for me, and I am really pleased with the effect.

And one of the reasons I'm so late with the Thunderwolf is that I was halfway through another batch of 5 Stormvermin for the Tale of X Gamers. So there they are. On other news, its my birthday today, and my girlfriend bought me the 'How to Paint Citadel Miniatures' book and DVD, so I'm very pleased (and impressed) and am about to crack on with some more slave rats for my list. So until next time, let the father's blessings of filth be with you all.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Orc & Goblins) Update

Greeting fellow travellers of the empyrean. First of all please accept my apologies for our lack of updates lately. As some of you may know Diablo 3 was released last week. Myself and O'Shashar have been slaying demonic filth from Sanctuary. This has unfortunately taken time away from our beloved hobby. Never fear though as I have an offering for you today of some more of my Night Goblins that I finished before painting my Thunderwolf.

I am more please with this set of 5 Goblins because I remembered the  white triangles on the hood, which I feel helps to frame the face. I have just ordered some Army Painter Matt Varnish in a bottle so that I can apply the white triangles on my other 10 Goblins and then paint over it with the Varnish.

On my painting table at the moment are the last 5 Goblins of my 20 Goblin unit with short bows. There is slow progress going on at the moment as the lure of Diablo 3 is just too strong! I do want them done as soon as possible though as that will give me 3 fulls units out of 6 and having 62 models done out of 96 means I will have just under a third of my models left to do.

Until next time our beloved followers of Nurgle may his pox smites your enemies and if you have not done so try Diablo 3.

Monday, 14 May 2012

O'Shashar's Finished Thunderwolf

Good afternoon and thank you for joining me once again in our pestilent corner of his garden. Today I bring to you my Thunder Wolf Cavalry model. I have tried to go for a darker look more in line with the pre heresy colours as I am not a fan of the GW bright Space Wolf colours.

The model had a nice amount of parts while not being quite as intense a build as my Necrons have been lately so was a nice change of pace, though I am disappointed the head came in multiple parts as left quite a clear triangle on the face of my wolf. I tried liquid greenstuff on it but still shows through a little.

The armour I started with Vallejo black grey followed by a black wash and highlights with German grey however these don't appear to have shown up very well in the photos. The metal trim was done using a base of beastial brown followed by a 2:1 mix of Tin Bitz and Vallejo Brass. The Yellow shoulder was done with foundation yellow built up to Bad Moonz Yellow, while the red was Burnt Cadre Red built up to Flat Red both were given a black freehand symbol ( which for my first try at freehand I don't think well too badly). The bone tailismans were built up from snake bite leather to rotting flesh and then given a sepia wash.

I decided to go for a white wolf to balance out the dark armour, I did this using foundation granite, beastial brown, rotting flesh, a sepia wash then a second pass with rotting flesh. I did try to use ivory but this was too white for my tastes. The metal sections I did in the same way as the marine to tie them together.

As I have no plans to play Space Wolves I decided to give my wolf a rocky base which I carved out of a piece of high density pink foam. I started painting it with Fenris Blue followed by Space Wolves Grey, Codex Grey and a final pass with Fortress Grey.

I hope you all like my Thunder Wolf, Fenrir and his Rider Olaf the Grey and any comments or criticism are welcome.

Until next time keep spreading his plagues and poxs to all you encounter.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Mighty Simo's Thunderwolf Completed

Hello and good afternoon to you all. As you may remember on 9th May we celebrated our first birthday here at Cupboard of Nurgle. Earlier this month we said we would celebrate with a single model painting challenge. Seeing as I got the most votes for our Nurgle Lord painting competition I had the honor of choosing the model we would paint. After some thought and some whispering in my ear by Dorn's Arrow I chose the recently released Thunderwolf Cavalry.

The multi-part plastic kits conveniently comes with models so that we had one each. I have to admit the kit itself is amazing with a wide range of options. My one gripe is that the model is not easy to put together. The wolf I used came in 11 different pieces, 12 if you count the saddle! It took me about 2 hours to assemble the model. I would suggest to people to leave the wolf and rider separate to make is easy to paint the model. If you choose the storm shield also keep this separate.

For the All Father!

If you would like to know how to paint your Thunderwolf Cavalry like this pick yourself up a copy of White Dwarf issue 387. I basically followed the painting guide in there. The only change I did was on the Space Wolf armor. The guide suggests a wash of Devlin Mud after the basecoat and then layering the basecoat. Instead I started with shadow grey, layers with a 50/50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey. I then highlighted with pure Space Wolves Grey followed by a 50/50 mix of bleached bone and Space Wolves Grey.

I don't think I would fancy seeing this in front of me.

O'Shashar and Dorn's Arrow should have their Thunderwolves posted up in the next few days and we welcome our faithful followers to send in pictures of their Thunderwolves. We will then have a vote to see who has the best painted model.

That's all I have for you this week our follower minions of Nurgle. However, on one of my earlier posts I mentioned that I have another five of my Night Goblins done, which I hope to share with you all soon. May Nurgle's blessings fall upon you.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Cupboard Of Nurgle Is One Year Old

Greetings once again fellow travellers of the infinite expanse of the warp. Today I am please to announce that our humble corner of Lord Nurgle's domain has reached one year of blogging and I have to say I am happy with the progress we have made though we still have a long way to go if we want to get as many comments as the big boys out there.

Looking back over the year I am happy with the progress we have made. We have managed regular posting on a combination of reviews and painting ( even though my painting is much slower going than Mighty Simo the painting machine ). It has been a team effort and I know I couldn't have done this without my two fellow bloggers, Mighty Simo & Dorn's Arrow.

We would like to thank all the people who take the time to read our posts, add comments and become followers. I would also like to take this time to ask if there is anything you would like to see more of on the blog such as Mighty Simo doing some step by step guides, more reviews or even more variety in our painting?

If painting is what you want out of us you're in luck as our Thunder Wolves are finished and ready to be posted so expect to see those over the next few days as well as a poll to vote for which you prefer ( and if you send us a picture of yours with your username in the picture we will post those up too).

Until next time


Monday, 7 May 2012

A Necron Ghost Ark Model Review

Good evening minions of the pestilent one and thank you for joining me once again in the dark recesses of his domain. I apologise that we have not made many offerings of late, this is down to playing 40k & Warhammer Quest as well as working on my Thunder Wolf Cavalry model for the 9th.

As part of building my Necron force I have recently confronted the Ghost Ark model and it is a beast. This is a review on my experience of building the Ghost Ark kit and not a review of its use in game.

When I unboxed the kit it came on three large sprues that were crammed with parts and each part was numbered which concerned me a little as while I like large amount of parts I personally feel the Necrons seem to have gone the path of "forced dynamic poses" where if you only have 5 models then it is ok as they all have a different pose. Though when you get a few kits together you have the same 5 poses repeated unless you spend time converting them to be different as part A must go with part B and never mixed with C.

Now as I got into it my fears were confirmed as while there were some repeat parts things such as the Warriors in the racks had different harness numbers which didn't look any different at a casual glance though at least their necks were attached unlike the pilot. This may seem a small thing but why have a 3mm cubed piece of plastic not attached to body?

I was impressed with the amount of parts and the clear instructions it came with which have improved significantly from the warrior instructions on the side of the battle force. However these improved instructions have the warning signs that this is a model first and a game piece second as there are multiple stop points which suggest you paint what you have assembled so far.

They are sensible places to stop such as painting the warriors before placing on the ship though one is part way through building the helm. So you need to make a decision as to if you want to make sure this is painted up while you have ease of access or if you want to use the £30+ transport. This way lead to a new era of buying one model and painting it before using it and I sincerely hope it does but I for one kept I have mine in two sections to paint while still being usable in the mean time.

Please do not get me wrong this is not a bad thing as on models such as Rhinos if it said "stop to paint the inside before glueing the roof on" there would be less glued shut in anger are not being able to paint the console how they wanted.

Overall this is a very good model kit and unfortunately I feel that means you do need to treat it as you would any other model rather than a game piece and paint it before you use it otherwise you'll have difficulty getting to the fiddly parts and there are a lot of them. Also it comes on the old style flying bases which break too easily and it is not a small model being closer to a Land Raider than a Rhino foot print wise due to length and the outward facing flayers.

Until next time drink deep from the cauldron of Nurgle and accept his blessings into your life.

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