Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Orc & Goblins)

Good day to you all and thank you for dropping in to join us again. We apologise for being a bit slack lately. We've had a variety of distractions lately. Myself, I have been sorting the completion date on a purchase of my first house with my girlfriend. This all completes next week and this unfortunately means majority of my spare time will be put into moving in and getting the house decorated and what not.

However as I did promise last time I have finished my first 5 Orc Boyz with dual hand weapons the other day. I only need to glue a bit of static grass to them and they should be done. I am unsure when I will be able to get more Orcs done with 6th Edition being announced as I may start on some of my Chaos minions.

Before I forget, thank you all who voted for my Thunderwolf. I didn't have the time to put as much effort in as my Nurgle Chaos Lord and I was not expecting victory this time around.

That's all from me for the time being. I hope to get a post of something for you as soon as I have time. May Nurgle's favor be bestowed on you all and may his rot smite your enemies.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Necron Night Scythe Update

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us in our twisted paradise once again. Today my offering to our Lord Nurgle is a work in progress update for my Night Scythe. As I was working with metallics I started by priming it black.

Following that I gave a liberal coating of Tin Bitz, at this point I did feel that the partial build would have been much better as certain parts begged me to destroy a brush just to get to them. Sadly this colour has been discontinued by Games Workshop but luckily for my Necrons Vallejo do a version called Tinny Tin in their Game Colour range along with a lot of the now discontinued colours from Games Workshop.

Lastly I painted two of the wing sections in Burnt Cadre Red ( without this colour I would be lost as I sneak it into all my armies ) which is on the top, bottom and sides. The engines, vents and the parts between the wings got treated to Vallejo Brass.

In keeping with the warriors I posted a while back I plan to add a mix of Tin & Boltgun to the Tin sections, a few more coats on the red for a smooth finish before highlighting up, dull the brass sections down and then I can try my hand at some gem effects.

Until next time do not run from those of your number which are infected, for they carry his blessings to you.


As an extra bonus for you today I recommend you visit TheFrontlineGamer here. He is having a massive give away to bring in fresh blood to his blog. While you are there for the free stuff it is worth a look through his archives as he does put out a lot of good work on a regular basis.

This time he is giving away $100 store credit for Dragon Forge bases and I for one recommend these bases whole heartedly. You can read my review of them here and TheFrontlineGamer has done a couple himself.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Orc & Goblins)

Hello and welcome back to our favoured Cupboard of Nurgle. As I mentioned in my last post a week or so ago I had finished another 5 Night Goblins. I also said I would post some pictures of my army so far to show you the amount of models I have painted since last August.

The mighty greenskin horde
Now as you can see I have three blocks of infantry done so far out of four. I am currently working on the fourth block, which are five Orc Boyz with dual hand weapons. Once I finish my 1,000 point army the first thing I will be expanding on is increasing the size of the block of infantry from 20 to 40 models to gain the horde rule.

My latest unit completed

Now as you can see for the Night Goblins with bows I have only got a musician option as its a waste of points to pay the extra for a champion and standard bearer as these only benefit units when they are in hand to hand combat and as you can imagine the last thing I want for my archers is to be in combat. This unit will have a fanatic that I have not painted yet. I may even add him to the spear regiment so they have two fanatics I haven't decided yet.

Night Goblins with spears, along with fanatic and shaman

My Night Goblins with spears have the full command option as these guys will need as much help as possible in combat. When I expand my army I am going to chuck in a Night Goblin Big Boss with Great weapon and expand the ranks to 40 models. I am unsure what to do with the Shaman. He will be safer in the spear unit as the champion can answer any challenges, but because they are a combat unit he will also be in the greatest danger. Another plus side placing him with this unit is that he should be in range for most if not all the goblin spells.

Finally here are my Orc Boyz unit with hand weapon and shield. Additions to this unit will be another 19 Boyz and an Orc Big Boss with Great weapon. Another reason I want to do this is that they are a pain to rank up at the moment as 10 of the models are conversion from the Ork Boyz from the Battle on Black Reach box set.

All in all I am pretty happy with my green skin horde and they have been a joy to paint. When I created this army I wanted the Orcs and Goblins to be unified  as a group of large tribe gathering together t osmite their common foes but also distinguishable from each other. The Orcs for example are from 'Da' Red Skullz' tribe that I made up and gave them a red spot colour. The Goblins I have painted with purple robes instead of the standard black. I haven't come up with a name for them yet though. Any suggestions let me know in the comments below.

I will also take this moment to shamelessly plug HOTpanda's competition over at The Chaos Manifesto that he is currently running for a free Games Workshop Gift Certificate for reaching 200 posts, which is a fantastic milestone. The more followers he gains the bigger the prize so get yourself over there and enter. You can find out more here.

Finally, and I promise I wont bore you any further with my rabble, is a reminder for you all to vote for your favourite Space Wolves Thunderwolf cavalry, which you can do at the top of the page. There are only 8 days remaining.

That's all for this week our fellow minions of the Plague Father, may his blessing of pestilence favour you always.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thunder Wolf Cavalry Voting

Good afternoon children of  the Plague Father and thank you for joining me here today. This post is long overdue but was delayed due to real life issues slowing down the final model being completed. All three wolves have now been posted and now it is time for me to ask all you Nurglings to please vote for which version you prefer so our glorious winner can pick the next model we paint.

To refresh your memories here they are again...

First up is Dorn's Arrow's with his full post found here.

Next is Mighty Simo's offering with his post here.

And lastly is my own Thunder Wolf and my post.

The posts I have linked to continue more pictures of each as I just chose my favourite shot of each. Voting will be at the top of the page for the next few weeks and I thank you all for taking the time to help us decide on a winner.

Until next time may our Lord's dark gaze fall upon you.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Necron Night Scythe Kit Review

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us again in the dank darkness that is the Cupboard of Nurgle. Today I am reviewing the latest addition to the Necron forces that have made available to enslave the mortal races.

From the moment I saw the first pictures I knew that I would be adding one to my collection, as this is the first model that has made me want to avoid logging onto Diablo 3 and slaying demons to steal their treasure ( any saving of innocent lives is merely a side effect of my greed ). With this in mind I took a trip to the local game store in the hope they had one left for me to get my mitts on. I was glad to see that they had ordered in twice as many Necron ones as they had the Ork or Marine variety ( maybe they guessed I would be wanting at least one ).

The first thing I noticed was that the box of the Night Scythe is the same size as a Rhino but the other two are Landraider box size which I understand for the Ork plane as it looks like you get a nice sized model for your money but the Storm Talon just doesn't seem meaty enough to warrant it.

I cannot say how happy it made me to see that this kit only came on two large sprues rather than the three the Ghost Ark came on. As I looked over it I knew this was more like the kits I want, by this I mean while I like variety and the odd extra piece is nice I hate it when you can get exactly the same end result in 5 pieces but it is done in 50 ( separate necks on Necron models I am looking at you ).

This model was a breeze to build and more surprisingly I actually enjoyed it rather than the uphill struggle that was the Ghost Ark. I was so engrossed in my work that rather than keep it in separate parts to paint ( which I would recommend as you can see below the pilot is well caged in ) I just kept going and before I knew what was happening I was at the stage were I needed to magnetise the guns.

Now I could show you how I did it but the method I used was the excellent work done by Nick over at IDICBeer 40k who has done this and others which I recommend having a look at if you are looking at magnetising Necron Vehicles. The only change I would recommend is to make the cut on the tabs of the Tesla Destructors down to the height of both magnets to give a better fit as the plastic in the groove is quite thin which makes it hard to sink the magnets.

I understand that people seem split on its usefulness in games and I admit I haven't tried one yet as they do seem a touch fragile with them being denied the +2 Av shields. Though with all the rumours of sixth edition coming it may become a true flyer and its popularity change and see everyone rolling out six of these reasonably priced models out in games.

My only complaint is with the large flying stand and it is that it needs a little encouraging to be put in or taken out. However as I don't have any other models on the large flying stand I couldn't say if this is by design or not.

Overall I love this model and I am currently waiting for my primer to dry as I type this post up. Now this isn't usually the case for me so I want to strike while the iron is hot before my motivation to paint lulls. Hopefully I should have a progress report on this shortly and have another model completed towards my goal for the year before too long.

Until next time spread the blessings of our Lord Nurgle to everyone you encounter in these times of strife.

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