Monday, 29 August 2011

My Tale of Three Gamers Tomb Kings 1000 point Army List

Good afternoon children of the Plague Father, today I offer up my Tomb Kings list for the Cupboard of Nurgle Tale of Three Fantasy Gamers challenge. At this point I haven't read the rule book fully or played any games so as far as I know this could be the worst list I could make but it uses a few different models I fancied painting so should still be good fun, of course any criticism of any massive flaws with it will be appreciated.

So first up here is my list:

Liche priest level 2 with Earthing rod
Tomb Prince with Great Weapon

3 chariots with Banner of Eternal flame
18 Skeletal Archers with Musician
30 Skeletal Warriors with Hand Weapons & Shields

3 Necropolis Knights with Musician

Casket of souls

Total 997 

The list seems smaller than I was expecting but this is probably due to having Knights, a Casket and a unit of Chariots though all three do seem to be getting praise around the forums. I have an idea of the colour scheme I plan to go with these which will I will be starting shortly ( as I am the only one who hasn't started painting yet ) which is currently looking at being a brown/red for the wood with a green/blue ( closer to green than turquoise though ) with brass in place of the gold to try and given a more weather look without going down the verdigris route, though I do like the one in the codex.

Used without permission from

The above picture from Blue Table Painting is similar to what I am going for and over the next week I plan to paint up a test model to make sure I am happy with the scheme if the weather stays cool as whenever it gets warm I cannot bring myself to paint.
Until next time children be sure to spread the blessings of the Plague Father to all you encounter.



  1. The list looks pretty good for starting army.

  2. Liking the colour scheme, looks pretty awesome, is a nice amount of stuff still, my 1k list has 63 models in it. As for the list itself, I wouldn't have a clue sadly as like you I've never really read the rulebook properly or played this edition though it does look like you have a solid starting point with units you can build around.

    If they happen to be poor its probably just because they need buffing with banners/lords/magic or greater numbers I bet.

  3. Thanks gents I hope the list does me proud and gets fully finished before I start expanding it as I do want to paint up a Sphinx at some point but couldn't sneak it in the list without feeling like it took up too much space.

    @dalinair You are probably right that once I get a few more priests in there and tooling them up it will quickly get stronger and not crumble to bone dust.

  4. Like the colour scheme in the picture, that should really stand out on the tabletop. The sphinx sounds like a beast so i for one am glad you haven't managed to fit it in your 1k list (don't think my rats would have much look with a living statue :p)


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