Monday, 21 November 2011

Updating My Necron Colour Scheme

If I were you, I would keep my eye on the little ones

Good evening children of the Plague Father and thank you for joining me again on this cold and dreary evening. I would like to take a look at my ( lack of ) progress with my Necron Force and hopefully help me make a few decisions as to which direction I am going to go in with them.

When it was formally announced that Necrons were being given a new codex I knew I had to add to my collection, they were my first army after all and it would be rude not to. So I placed an order which gave me a little of everything to try out. While this does mean I don't have an army internet approved "auto include" units, I do have a lot of nice new models to have a play around with and can hopefully find what suits my play style.

I actually like the Cryptek who thinks he is KISS

So far I have only assembled an Annihilation Barge as afterwards it got me thinking about my colour scheme. As you can see in my previous post my models have a basic scheme and the basing needs redoing. I have decided to add blue to the army as it goes well with the brown of metal but am torn between a metallic blue and a flat blue. Both of which I like though I find myself switching back and forth between the two.

I apologise that the photos below are pretty bad, this is because I had lost the natural light by the time I finished trying out colours on my robotic minions but hopefully it will help you get an idea of what I am going for.

Dark blue and my Dragon Forge base tester
Metallic blue

Then there is the question of vehicles and what colour to do them as my monoliths are painted the same way as my infantry but I am unsure on the smaller vehicles. I have seen some very nice ones using a dark green base and glow effects which I could change to suit my idea of a blue scheme. This is causing me to delay my army as both ways appeal to me and I could extend the metallic blue on to the vehicles as they have a lot more detail than the oppressive monolith does.

For the bases I have decided to use the Dragon Forge bases I picked up for my Black Templars as between painting my Tomb Kings, Necrons and any smaller model that steals my interest they have been carefully packed away waiting their next wave of reinforcements to further bulk out an army I barely use ( what can I say T'au & Necrons just steal away all my 40k focus ).

Luckily I already know how I am going to do the bases as I painted one Sunday afternoon ( without my usual changes to the colour scheme every few minutes ) along with testing a few colours out on my Necrons. Looking at the pictures above I am happy that the new bases really do look a lot better.

So I put it to you ladies and gentlemen of the internet, metallic or non-metallic blue?

Until next time keeping spreading the blessings of Papa Nurgle and you will always have a place in his garden.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crimson Fists Showcase

Hi everyone, I thought I would take a break from my Skaven progress posts (mainly as there hasnt been much recently) and show some pictures of some of my Crimson Fists army.

First off here is the Chapter Master himself, Pedro Kantor. In the above picture he is with my Sternguard Veterans unit. Including Pedro in an army list allows you to use Sternguard as a scoring unit (which has been very handy at times). My favourite thing about Pedro is the extra attacks he gives out due to his Living Chapter Banner rule. Half of my Sternguard are converted from a tactical squad and the Black Templars upgrade sprue as well as some bitz I had left around, and they fit in well with the metal figures so I'm happy I took that approach.

One of my other units I often use is my Chaplain with Jump Pack attached to an Assault Squad. Rerolls for an assault squad are fantastic, this unit ripped apart Mighty Simo's Demon Prince in a single turn the last time I fielded them (and he was not happy!!!)

My Terminator Librarian has only seen battle the once so far (and rolled a perils of the warp - doh!) however I can see big things for him if I can learn how to use him properly. My ideal plan is to add him to the Sternguard unit and teleport into ideal locations to unleash the Sternguard's special ammo.

Another unit type I am fond of are the Scouts. I tend to use my scouts in a defensive capacity, holding objectives in my own deployment zone, however I sometimes use the land speeder storm and bike squad to try to perform last minute daring moves to contest objectives, or to lend support to an assualt. In my last game my scout squad joined an assault and actually caused 2 wounds on Typhus... Bargain!

I also have painted up a Predator, Dreadnaught, Tactical Squad, Devestator Squad, Techmarine, and a Captain, however I'm not as happy with the paintjobs on those. I have lots more to paint for my Crimson Fists, including a Vindicator, Landraider Crusader, Rhino, another Dreadnaught, a second Tactical Squad, some more scouts, more terminators, some assault terminators, Darnath Lysander (as a counts as model), another Captain (which will be my attempt to create Alessio Cortez the Immortal), a Command Squad and thats it off the top of my head... Damn you Ebay!!!

Thats it for me until next time, hope Father Nurgle doesn't frown upon my Imperial background :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fresh from the Forge: Chaos Warhound Titan

Hello and welcome back to Nurgle's favoured cupboard. We apologise for being a little behind on our posts, but we have all been extremely busy or have had nothing new to report. I wanted to change the tone from the buzz of the latest Necron release. I have to say they look very shiny and I am sure O'Shashar will be doing a post soon about them seeing as he acquired some of the new models on release day.

OK, now none of you may be aware but it was my birthday 2 weeks ago. I was surely blessed as last week my Brother-in-law got in touch with me regarding my top secret present. It was so secret that even the Inquisition struggled to find out what it was. Well today I have decided to share this blessing of Nurgle with our loyal followers.

I was gifted a might Chaos Warhound Titan fresh from the forges of Mars to bolster my growing Chaos war band. My Brother-in-law and his best friend Salty, who some of you may know him as he is very well known on Warseer Forums, had hand built the titan from scratch. Now for those of you who would like to know how this can be done can find the blueprints here.

OK, well I am sure you are drooling in anticipation to see what this magnificent war machine looks like. I have got some pictures for you below that Salty kindly allowed me to use from his Warseer log. He has two running at the moment that I would recommend checking out. He has an Ork log and a General log.

I am unsure when I will be able to get round to painting this awe inspiring creation, but as soon as I do I will get post, put up about it. For the the less evil of you out their Dorn's Arrow is due to put up a showcase of his Crimson Fails...I mean Fists. Until next time our loyal daemonic followers of the all father.
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