Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress, Injuries and Distractions

Greetings followers of the Plague Lord. Today I thought I would talk about my last month's hobby activity which brings me to the title, 'Progress, Injuries and Distractions.' So first of all I would like to share with you a couple of photos of 'Progress' towards my 1000 point Skaven list.

So above are 20 Clanrats which I will mix into my Slave unit (and pretend they don't have shields). I will be mixing in some non-rat members as well as more poor looking wretches to the unit shortly in order to boost it to 40 strong.

The above are another 20 Clanrats, this time with spears and shields, so another 19 to add to this block and I will be getting somewhere with my ever daunting list.

Above is my 2nd Standard Bearer and my first attempt at a very simple freehand banner design, which I am fairly happy with.

Now onto the 'Injuries'. A few months ago I broke my toe while kickboxing, which allowed me to spend a fair amount of time painting. However this month I injured my hand while doing a much less extreme sport (washing the pots haha) and was unfortunately bandaged up for a week. However it was around this time that the idea of doing Warhammer Quest started cropping up. Which leads me to the 'Distractions'...

Here is my Warrior Priest that I have painted up for Warhammer Quest. I'm really happy with how the model has turned out as I have always wanted an Empire army from the Ostermark region and this model can be my first step towards that aim. Now if only I can find enough free time to get to one of these Warhammer Quest meetings...

Next post from me I will hopefully have some Stormvermin painted up and will have played some Warhammer Quest, so until next time friends enjoy the pestilent gifts of the Drippy One.


  1. Shaven horde is coming along nicely, good work.

    Like the warrior priest looks to be full of righteous anger. Only had one game of WHQ ourselves so far but was a good night and from what Mighty Simo was saying might have to paint myself up a Wizard for a group he might be running along side the current one.

  2. Nice one, I'd be up for that, i also have an Avatar of War Witchhunter model which i want to paint up for WHQ. Should be a good laugh :)

  3. Really nice work dude!
    Those rats are very well painted.
    I dnt play fantasy but i like too much how the armys looks when all the minis are together!
    Greetings from SPain! ;)

  4. Thanks man, glad to see you like the rats, we haven't actually got to having a game of fantasy yet, but i cant wait, the armies really do look great all ranked up. I think thats why i seem to spend more time looking at my fantasy army than 40k even tho we play 40k more.


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