Monday, 5 September 2011

Tale of Three Gamers Skaven 1000 point Army List and Update

Hi to all you pestilent folk! So following on from O'Shashar and MightySimo's 1000 point lists and progress reports I thought it was about time I posted my list. I have also been taking advice from the members on and have read more of the rule book than the other guys, but also have never played a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles so there are many lessons to be learned, but here is my list:


Chieftain with Halberd, Shield and Tail Weapon = 57

Chieftain with Battle Standard, Shield and Foul Pendant = 102

Warlock Engineer with Level 1 Wizard and Warplock Pistol = 73


39 Clanrats with spears and shields and full command = 215

40 Slaves with musician = 82

19 Stormvermin with shields and full command = 177


2 Rat Ogres and Pack Master = 88

5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers with attached Poisoned Wind Mortar = 115


1 Warp Lightning Cannon = 90

TOTAL = 999 Points

My basic plan is to use the large blocks of infantry to benefit from my Strength In Numbers special rule and keep me in the fight against the more fightier units. My one worry is the lack of magic in my army list, but I'm hoping my Artillery will make up for that.

As for my progress, well my last post showed the start of my army in a nice fancy light box which I borrowed from MightySimo... Unfortunately I don't own one of those so the following pictures wont be anywhere near as pretty but oh well... I have 35 Clanrats finished, including the command group for my spear group, and I will be starting the other 5 hand weapon rats this week. Below is a picture of the standard bearer for my Clanrat regiment.

And today I finished painting my 1st Rat Ogre (which was a really nice change from all the little critters). Oh and theres a few pus filled boils on there just to please Nurgle himself :)

Due to the fact I will be mixing in my hand weapon rats as part of my slaves unit (and hoping people don't look at the shields) I tally my currently painted total at around 170 points... seems quite small for the number of models I've painted so it should look great on the battlefield once the full horde is painted up.

Well, until next time my decaying friends...


  1. How did you do the ogre base out of interest? looks like actual mud so guessing not painted sand?

  2. Looking good Dorn, liking the Rat Ogres paint job even if the model looks like Mickey mouse on steroids.

    170 points does seem low for all you have done don't envy your horde of rats to paint.

  3. The base is just modelling sand on top of a little bit of tiny slate bits from the 40k basing kit. Then it was just graveyard earth and drybrushes of vomit brown and bleached bone. Looking at it again the sand has stuck quite thick, so that might be why it looks like that.

    Haha, mickey mouse on steroids, I hadn't noticed that until now lol. Yeah slaves are only 2 points each, and the rats with spears and shields are 5 points so the horde will swell, luckily the clanrats are pretty quick to paint tho :)


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