Friday, 10 June 2011

T'au Blogwars Results

Good morning minions of all ages I apologise it has taken me so long to post how I fared but I have had a busy week of making up for 7 weeks of trying to paint my T'au in time ( I managed it but compared to some of the beautiful paint jobs at Blogwars it was a clearly sub par).

Firstly I would like to thank Alex for organising this event which went very smoothly and the staff at Maelstrom for providing such a good quality gaming environment with plenty of good looking terrain (if not a little sparse on some tables). The only low point of the day was the buffet but I did spend a long time checking out the painted armies so may have been better when it was first brought out.

As this was the first tournament I have attended I was looking forward to seeing how the day would play out. My first game was against a beautiful Imperial Guard army who ended up winning joint best painted army brought to the table by Karitas and I couldn't have asked for a friendlier guy to ease me in to the day. The game ended in a draw on turn 5 after me seeming to have all the luck in the game with only failing a handful of saves all game but needing one more turn to claim his objective.

My second game was against Adam with his Space Wolves which was a brutal game played mostly in my deployment zone which did highlight a slight lack of room in between the tables but otherwise a very close game with a lot of blood spilled on both sides and ending in my second draw of the day.

The final game was against Simo with a Long Fang heavy Space Wolves list which didn't look good for my Suits. Another very close game which at turn 5 I was barely holding on to a win by feeding Bjornn Suits to try and keep him from contesting. Unfortunately it was not meant to be and turn 6 was rolled for and Bjornn stormed forward into 3" of my left objective & his Rune Priest squad chased my cowardly broadsides off and consolidated into 3" of my right objective making the game end at 1-0 to Simo. Mercifully it didn't go to turn 7 so the remnants of my army that remained were spared.

In the end I took 21st out of 26, which was 5 places higher than I was expecting for my first outing and had a thoroughly enjoyable day which will look forward to doing again. I didn't take a camera with me so I have lovingly borrowed a picture from The 40k Project of my army on judging table in all its table top glory.


  1. I Wouldn't beat yourself up about the painting, your army looks fine. The only improvement I would suggest is to the blue, as it looks a little flat (although that could be the camera), which could easily be sorted with a coat of wash and a bit of highlighting on the armour edges.
    Considering you did it in 6 weeks I think it is a fantastic achievement.
    Glad you enjoyed the day though. Hopefully see you on the table at the next one :-P.

  2. I agree 6/7 weeks to do the entire army to table top standard is a fantastic achievement, all you need to do is a few highlights on them all and it will look amazing :)

  3. Mate it wasn't the rolls, it was your playing and your army set up.

    so much plasma my eyes still sting :)

    Great game, and next time, we'll try it with more cover ;)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys

    @Firewasp the paint is very flat on the models as there is no highlights, shading or washing on them at this point.

    @Karitas the list did work well against you but keeping your Russes out of the battle for all but 1 shot did help massively even when it was only a stunned result.

  5. But still a fantastic achievement getting it all done in six weeks mate. Takes me a week to paint a single battlesuit (painfully slow painter).

  6. That's loads of painting in 6 weeks, I'm impressed :)

    It sounds like blogwars was great, I'm hoping to come to the next organised event, so got some units to finish and some lists to try out... anyone know how did the vanilla marines fare?

  7. Thanks guys hopefully I will do some more work on them but want to finish my Templars I wanted to redo and make a Tomb King army so who knows.

    Two players from brought them (maybe more don't remember seeing a third) pornstarjedi brought Ultramarines came 24th and Siph using Relictors with the Vanilla codex came 20th.

    the full list of results is at


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