Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mixing the Shrine of the Aquila and Sanctum Imperialis terrain kits

A nicely laid out board courtesy of Games Workshop

Good afternoon minions of the Plague Father and welcome to another Sunday afternoon. This week I had been planing to continue my rhino ( currently sat on my painting table after being under coated ) however following on from my big sort out last week I decided to assemble a new piece of terrain for my board.

Originally I was going to build the Shrine of the Aquila as I had an unopened one just wasting away in the corner begging to be built (even more than the Imperial Sector ).

However after a dry fitting I decided it could be slightly larger to balance off with the 4 floor building I already have. After looking around the internet I saw a very nice looking model on the Games Workshop site.

An impressive building I may still build at some point.

Unfortunately while I had all the spare parts to make this impressive model it came in at over two foot long, a foot wide and over a foot high in places which seemed too big and was scrapped.

So instead I decided to try my hand at mixing a few of the Games Workshop kits to see what I could make. Drawing inspiration from the original conversion I saw on DakkaDakka which made me buy the Aquila last year, I mixed it with the Sanctum Imperialis from my Imperial Sector.

A view of the front ...

The model went together better than I expected, with the shrine having very few pieces only a little filing and cutting were needed to join it with the Sanctum. The joins did have a few issues as the large pieces of the Aquila seemed to be just a little bent which I hadn't noticed before so a dash of green stuff to fill a few holes and sections between floors and I'm happy. The size and LOS blocking it provides is more in the area I was after though the Aquila itself is by no means a slouch.

and rear with a little of the green stuff showing.

All being well I'll get this painted up without too much grief and try it our in game some time soon to see if it fits in and worth the delay in my painting.

Until next time I hope you have enjoyed my humble offering to the Plague Father.



  1. Looking pretty good, would make an interesting fortress, be nice to see how it turns out in games hopefully not too bent as a defensive position. Have to stick a base on it like the GW one, that makes the model loads better i recon

  2. Thanks I do plan to put a base on it when I have painted it up, sprayed it yesterday afternoon so hopefully start the main colour shortly.

  3. Can't wait to get hold of mine :) looking forward to seeing it finished in person.


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