Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Black Templar or Tomb Kings

Good afternoon children of the Plague Father thank you for joining me again in our humble part of his garden. This week has been a little hectic with me getting 16 skeletal archers built up to go with my Liche priest and following that up by treating them all to a base coat.

This had me thinking I was on track with Tomb Kings and I would start painting them up allowing me to finally stick to my plans of 1 unit finished before I buy another..

However after a 2v2 game with Mighty Simo and his friend Liam ( which saw me rolling out my Templar to back up my T'au Cadre as our usual forth wasn't free ). I was quite happy with how they played out, despite not using them for over a year and me not really knowing what was the best way to use them since the FAQ. This reminded me that I had a few unopened boxes waiting to be built up in my 40k corner ( and gave me an excuse to open every box to see what treasure was hiding in plain sight )

Nearly £100 worth of marines ignored on a shelf and my wife still lets me live is a miracle
With my passion for the Crusaders reignited I took a willing volunteer to the painting table to see if I could do a better job with then than my last attempt with them nearly two years ago ( the sneaky T'au stole their place as my main army and are still holding that title firmly ).  So to strike while the iron was hot I part assembled the Razorback as a Rhino with the Forgeworld Rhino front & doors kit ( Not sure when they managed to get in my bits box but I have 2 sets of them along with 10 Forgeworld Templar Shields & Shoulder pads )

Dry fitted together nicely except the doors which needed some hot water treatment

I have left the top off to try and encourage myself to paint the inside as I know I won't do it if I make it too fiddly but I do want to improve my modelling and painting so needs must. I looked at using the Forgeworld rear hatch but think it maybe too much to have it on all four sides so instead a small symbol from the chapter upgrade pack was stuck on instead which is a little more subtle and I like the out come so here's hope others do too.

Realistically I know I'm not the quickest modeller or painter and I should pick just one but my Black Templars need love and the Tomb Kings are an army I have wanted since I was little ( not that I have ever actually played fantasy ) so both are going to be stealing what little free time I have. On the upside they are very different models so should let me practice different techniques and help me improve ( not to mention plenty of fodder to post on here to keep me from losing favour with the Plague father ).

Until next time children.



  1. looking good I like the idea with the Rhino making it dry fit, wish I did that as painting inside wasn't too bad, but would be alot easier like this

  2. I look forward to updates on either.

  3. Thanks the dry fitting went easier than I expected though I built it more than it suggests I do when trying to paint inside but I want to be able to use it while I work on it.

    Hopefully won't get slack on the updates as plan to get it sprayed when it stops raining.


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