Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Further venture into Citadel Finecast

Good afternoon, daemonic spawn of the great unclean one. I have been very busy of late and have got one or two terrain tutorials lined up for you next week. I was going to post a battle report from a game we had on Tuesday, but after about turn 3 the content severely dropped, so we are still working the bugs out of that, the pictures where not great either. Needless to say O'Shashar gave me and my friend Liam a butt whooping. Anyway onto my post on Citadel Finecast.

As you can see above is a box of new Citadel Finecast Eldar Rangers. They look pretty good, although they are not mine :( They are for a friend of mine, who unfortunately is a bit slack when it comes to modelling. At first glance they look really good and I thought I would continue where O'Shashar left off, you will understand why later on.
Now as you can see this model had a slightly bent gun, now with a metal model you could have bent this back into shapes. Wit h the resin if you not already aware is to pop the part you want to fix in hot water for about 10-20 seconds and then bend back into shape. Then plunge it into cold water to set the resin and there you go, fixed!

Now, hopefully you can see the contrast in quality on the two models above. The one at the left is a perfect cast, with little cleaning up needed. However the right model looks a little 'rough' and not as crisp.
Again a close up of one of the models, as you can see I have circled a huge bubble almost the size of the foot. In the most recent White Dwarf it says there may be a few small bubbles that can be fixed with glue, I don't want to sound funny, but I doubt this would work here and green stuff is the only option.
In summary, I really really want to like the Citadel Finecast range, I really do, but the consistent quality unfortunately lets the product down. Now I have handled 11 Finecast miniatures and there is a clear inconsistency. The Chaplain I won on the Blog Wars raffle is of outstanding casting quality, but as you can see above I found casting quality and bubbles on nearly half of the miniatures and to me if this is going to be the case it does not justify the price increase, so GW if you see this please increase your Quality Control to avoid disappointed customers!

I will admit though that Finecast is alot easy and quicker then metal, but due to the quality problems I have outlined you can end up doing more work then needed, especially for the price hike! I would suggest to anyone out there that if you are buying finecast, try and do it in a shop so you cna look at the miniatures before you buy them to avoid dissappointment.

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