Monday, 6 June 2011

Blog Wars result

Hello, faithful hordes of the Plague Father. The post is a little later then I would have liked tonight. But just was to say a big thank you to Alex over at From the Fang for organising Blog Wars. I think everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves today. I have to say that everyone was extremely sporting.

The venue was really good over at Maelstrom Games and I have to say, it is an extremely good contender against Warhammer World. I would certainly recommend trying it out for yourselves.

Anyway, onto how I did today.

Game 1

I played Andy from Iron Wolves who played Space Wolves in my first game. The game type (which was the same for everybody) was Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment. I managed to go first and as you may expect with my list against a Space Wolf list it ended up being a bit of a ruckus in the middle of the board. The game was pretty even, partly due to some unlucky rolling by Andy but the game eventually tipped towards Andy's favor. This was helped when my Daemon Prince trying to lash a squad got perils of warp on his last wound! All I ended up left was my Plague marine squad, which where unable to dispatch the inbound Grey Hunters or the Rhino. I will honestly say I made a couple of mistakes in this game that cost me the loss and the game going to turn 7 certainly didn't help!

Game 2

I played the organiser Alex, another Space Wolf player. The game type this time was Dawn of War and Annihilation. This game was a pretty quick game as again both armies crashed into each other! I will be honest in this game luck was most certainly on my side and had completely deserted Alex. I have to say I truly felt sorry for him as I have been in the same situation and it is the most frustrating situation to be in when nothing goes your way. Ragnar Blackmane did not do as much damage as he is famous for and Kharne managed to survive a Wolf Guard powerfist with snake eyes (and that wasn't all there was far too much to fit in)! I can't remember the exact scoring of the game. I think it was 10 - 6/7 kill points (I have a feeling Alex may post results of all games online), but I was happy to get the win as cheesy as it was.

Game 3

This game I was certainly not looking forward to, the game type was pitched battle with Seize and Control. At the beginning of the day it was announced it would be 5 objectives. To cap this off I faced one of the three Grey Knight lists. Now admittedly I had some very good luck in this game same as the previous, but I dare say alot better, which was helped when my opponent was failing to hit or wound. This lasted 3 turns and I was genuinely surprised how well I was doing against he Grey Knight list. And then Draigo came on and changed everything! Yes he moved the full 12 inches when he deepstruck in to end up further then he wanted, but he managed to take out Kharne, his fellow bezerkers and my terminators with ease (with a little help with the Inquisition and the damned Sanctuary power!). After this, to make matters worse, my dice decided to start rolling 1's and 2's for everything and I had my worst defeat of the day! I have to say I have played the Grey Knights twice with my Chaos since the release and they are extremely good at killing Space marine equivalent armies, even better then they are against daemons!


So I lost twice and won once. Doesn't sound great, but one was a close call and it was my first tournament. The scoring system favor wins over draws greatly, so it meant I ended up in 16th place out of 26 players, which I am extremely pleased with for my first tournament.

I think I certainly have room for improvement in both my gaming and my list. At the moment though my Chaos will be on hold. This week I will be using Photoshop to sort out our site banner. The following two weeks I will be doing some terrain tutorials. After that I will be going back to painting my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army.


  1. Hi Simo. Thanks so much for the game at the weekend, it certainly was a bit of a blood-bath in the middle, and I'll freely admit I was lucky to get the win in what in all respects should have ended in a draw.
    You also weren't that lucky, your Daemon Prince killing himself must have been a huge blow.

  2. yeah it was, but if I had consolidated him properly I don't think I would have needed the lash and the outcome may have been different regardless of the dice rolling. I wouldn't say you was lucky. I made a couple of mistakes in the game and that is what cost me the match in the end.


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