Sunday, 12 June 2011

First Venture in to Finecast

The official promo picture of the new finecast Liche Priest

Following on from finishing my T'au to the table top level for Blogwars I have decided to have a little break from them as I feel a little burnt out. We have recently been talking about trying WFB and the first army in the range that caught my eye when I was young was the Tomb Kings but never went any further than just liking the look of them.

Now they have been re-released with a shiny new army book to go with 8th I have decided to try my hand at collecting a small force ( no doubt it will quickly get out of control ) so I can try a game as I have never played a fantasy properly so could end up being a painting exercise but who doesn't love skeleton minions.

Now if you are still with me following my ramblings I applaud you, now as the title and the picture suggest my first model I have picked up is a finecast Liche Priest and a box of basic Skeletons I plan to build as archers but today is about the priest. I bought it in store as had heard all sorts of rumours about the models and returns being refused for all but the most destroyed of models so needed to eye one up myself.

As luck had it two were in store but both had slight issues, the first had a bent staff and the second had some bubbling on the face so needless to say the crooked staff came home with me.

Cleaner out of the box than I was expecting

Once I got it out of the box it was looking cleaner than I expected with only a little bit of flash mainly focused around the cloth and the blade of his staff which came away with little effort though the blade had two large rods of resin stuck to it but nothing else. The first thing I noticed was that it is very flexible ( no models were hurt during test only the sprue getting abused ) and soft so found clippers were no good for the job and had to use my knife instead.

Free from the tyrannical grip of the sprue

At this point I did notice that the underside of the arm holding the staff had bubbled on the bone and pretty much destroyed it as the bone is very thin though is out of site and a small amount of green stuff should fix this I hope.

Over all I'm happy with the model and the new finecast was easy enough to work with though I would have much preferred to just go to plastic rather than resin. However I think I will be avoiding any models I can't see through the packaging as would hate to get home only to find its a miscast and then grief in store trying to return it. Though as I have only heard rumoured stories of refusals you would hope it won't be an issue as long as where you buy don't become unreasonable.

Dry fitted and the withered arm doesn't look as bad as I expected


  1. I am sorry to say my friend bought 2 box sets of resin at maelstrom (a pack of rangers and dark reapers) out of 10 models on 5 of them have no defect, the dark reapers had alot of bubbles in them and have been a bit of a pain to sort out.

    I would suggest every if they get resin buy it in store if possible and look at the models before purchase, I dont mind paying extra as resin is alot easier to work with but for the extra money I would expect better quality!

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