Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tale of Three Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Hello and good day to all you beloved followers of the Pestilent One. I was hoping to have this post up earlier in the week, but my Internet decided to throw me a curve ball and not work, the blasted thing! Anyway as I mentioned in my last post I had already finished two more models for my Orc and Goblin horde. I have finished my Night Goblin Shaman and an old school Fanatic.

This is one of my favourite Lord/Hero characters of the Orc and Goblins army and I just had to have to have it. The dynamic pose is brilliant. I was very tempted to try a glowing effect around his eyes and in the eye sockets of the skulls on his staff, but I wasn't brave enough to attempt this. I might try the technique out on a spare model and do it on another shaman as I already have an Orc Shaman lying around to be painted.

The fanatic model is one of the older metal models that I have had for some years now. I believe I originally got it for my Orc Bloodbowl team about 10 years ago. I thought he would come in handy for my Orc and Goblin list. I am not sure if you can notice, but I have tried to blend purple on his nose and cheeks to try and represent the Fanatic being intoxicated from Mad Cap Mushroom brew they drink before battle!

I am hoping to have more models for you later as I am just finishing a few off on my painting table. Thank you for stopping by our humble Cupboard of Nurgle and may the Plague Father watch over you wherever you may be.


  1. Is more like a tale of 2 gamers ;) excellent painted stuff as always, loving your work

  2. I'm hurt Dal, I understand but still hurt :)

    The Shaman looks very nice and glad you didn't risk testing glow effects for the first time straight on this.

    Is the fanatic legal on a round base? If you need a square one I have some spares in my bits box you can poach

    Painting was on for this weekend but real life has got in the way but now new carpet is in we fitted the old one in the cellar so next game will be kinder on the feet.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    O'Shashar I believe they are classed as skirmises so they are supposed to use round bases (check out the GW site) ;)

    Good work on the cellar.

  4. Weird my Skinks ( that's right in my cellar of doom there is a fair sized lizardmen army going to waste which started as bloodbowl team ) are skirmishers and came with square bases. Maybe it is because they act alone.


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