Friday, 16 March 2012

Completed Legolas

Welcome back to Nurgle favoured cupboard. I apologise in advance as I have not had a post up in a while mainly due to the recent competition taking the spot light. Our final winner should get drawn next week.

Now I have finished another model that I wish to show you. A little later then I intended as I was hoping to have this done by Valentines day because it is a gift for my girlfriend. Seeing as we agreed not to buy anything for each other this year I thought I would give her a sentimental present instead. Legolas is her favourite character from the Lord of the Rings and she takes a bit of fancy to Orlando Bloom.

I followed the old paint guide from the Games Workshop site that is unfortunately no longer there (along with all the other paint guides due to the new paints GW are releasing). I think he has turned out really well and I might even say he is my best painted model so far!

Unfortunately that is all I have for you this week, but I already have two models finished for you next week to take a look at. I hope that the Great Papa Nurgle favours you all in your ongoing quest to spread his greatness.


  1. Very nice looking model you have there, really out done yourself. Only thing I would have been tempted to do with it is string the bow but other than that you can colour me impressed.

  2. Thats a very very nice looking legolas, impressed at that, getting better everytime it seems!

  3. Showed the photos of your Legolas to Kate yesterday and she was really impressed as well. I think its probably the best paint-job yet, well done :)

  4. Nice blending on the cape. I have to say, for a site called Cupboard of Nurgle, Legolas is maybe the antithesis of Nurgle...


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