Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tale of Three Gamers Update (Orc and Goblins)

Good evening loyal followers of the decaying one. As I mentioned last week when I posted up my finished Night Goblin Shaman and Night Goblin Fanatic that I had 5 more models completed for you this week. I have completed the first 5 Night Goblins with Short bows. They have turned out rather nicely and I am currently under way painting another 5 at the moment.

Happy April fools day to everyone I hope you don't get pranked too badly!

As soon as have anything else finished I will make sure I get it posted up as soon as possible. Until next time thank you for stopping by our humbled cupboard and may the blessing of Nurgle fall upon you.


  1. Nice work, tale of 1 gamer going ever strong :)

    loving the highlighting work

  2. Some nice looking Gobbo archers really liking the purple robes. Dorn's Arrow is working on his dreadfleet ship.

  3. They look great!!!

    Dalinair - I am still ahead of mightysimo on the tale of x gamers challenge (but only just) and i needed a break from painting ratmen. Should hopefully have my Bloody Reaver dreadfleet vessel finished next week, at which point its back to the Stormvermin.

    O'Shashar - Have you painted any of your skellibobs yet? Looking forward to seeing some Tomb Kings on the blog?

  4. Thanks guys, had a bit of a stale week this week. I get in from work and I am just too tired to pick up the paintbrush.

  5. Skeles only part done as been working in my Necrons instead to get an idea if if I could be ready for blogwars in June.


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