Monday, 5 March 2012

Dorn's Arrow's Finished Chaos Nurgle Lord (and whats that on the horizon?)

Hi there followers of the pestilent one, I finally have photos of my completed Nurgle Lord.

Although I was the first to finish painting the model, my lack of decent photos means that my post is somewhat belated. What I wanted to get out of this competition was to try out some new skills. The armour is where I have practised my first use of blending. I wanted to achieve a death guard type light green colour and am very happy with the result. I got this colour by using a foundation of fortress grey, followed by a couple of washes of catachen green. I then glazed adeptus battlegrey with a tiny amount of enchanted blue over the armour. After this I used a couple of layers of watered down gretchen green, pulling the brush away from the recessed areas and towards the raised areas. I repeated this step, gradually adding in rotten flesh and leaving part of the previous colour showing.

This model was a joy to paint, with no real fiddly or hard to get to areas, and I think it may inspire me to start my own warriors of chaos army. My obsessive compulsive nature is going to make it hard to let go of this model, and I may have to instead award the winner of my model with a brand new boxed version as this plague fiend whispers to me from my shelf. As for now, I have just completed painting my Heldenhammer from the Dreadfleet set... it took me much longer than expected as it is such a detailed model. Here is a rough photo from my phone:

My next project is to paint the Bloody Reaver so that the pirate battles can commence! Until next time...


  1. Good to see your pictures up and they are looking good though surely you wouldn't deny the lucky follower the model would you?

    The Heldenhammer is looking good and my dreadfleet does tempt me to crack it open but for now is still in its box safe.

  2. I really would rather get the winner a fresh version of the model just because I really like how it has turned out... maybe I'm selfish, I dunno haha...

    The Heldenhammer took so much longer than I expected it would, gonna start the Bloody Reaver soon, but I'm hoping I can get it done a bit quicker :)

  3. i see why you want to keep it, it is pretty awesome, nice army center piece :)
    on another note is dread fleet any fun ? should have just re released necromunda cos it cant be as good as that ... right? anyway loving the recent posts keep up the great work guys!

  4. Thanks :)

    Haven't actually played a game of Dreadfleet yet, think me and MightySimo are going to have a game once I've got the second ship painted... Better start reading the rules really lol.

    Necromunda does look awesome, never actually played it though unfortunately... Think i have the rules saved somewhere though, might have to give them a read as well :)

  5. Only had one campaign of Necromunda but I did enjoy it. If you do get it use the online rules as the book they still sell isn't as upto date.

    If you start up a league for it I'll bring along my Cawdor

  6. Cool! I do recommend necromunda definately .. my gaming circle are gearing up for a campaign ill let you know about any bat reps i put up for necromunda on youtube/blog if you two are interested?

  7. Sounds good and I'll look forward to seeing your necromunda games and might even get me to paint the ones I stripped back to metal.

  8. Nice one... id like to see the paintjobs for those cawdor of yours !... starting a campaign this weekend. When we get up to speed ill do a bat rep probably in a weeks time, no later. Got a 40k one on the blog recently if you interested (nids v csm) .


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