Friday, 2 December 2011

Thar's Gold in them thar Dungeons!

Hello our fellow plague bearers and welcome back to Nurgle's favoured cupboard of putrid delights. Now admittedly we have been a little slack of late with updates to the blog and there are a variety of reasons for this. For myself I have currently been busy with a number of things such as sorting out a new PC, playing Space Marine and Gears of War 3 and looking for a house.

I haven't completely slacked off in project work though, I just simply wasn't doing enough for a weekly update. I have a post for you guys next week that I hope you will enjoy, I don't want to give anything away you will just have to tune in next week. I have including a few pictures from two of the weeks we was gaming, one was with my phone as I forgot my camera.

If I can stop my babbling I can get on with this weeks post. Now some of you may be aware that myself and O'Shashar have got together with some guys at work for spot of Warhammer Quest. An absolutely fantastic game, that before now have only played once about 16 years ago! I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed our Questing. Our DM isn't using the standard rules and has gone for the more complex rules from the Role play expansion.

What this does is add an extra dimension to the rules and more or less means you can do what you want in the dungeon and it of course helps with a spot of role play during the game which adds to the enjoyment of the game. If you don't have Warhammer Quest then I would strongly suggest you go an seek it out either by buying the board game and rulebooks on Ebay or acquiring them by other means.

So far we have only done three dungeons, but one being turned into a two part dungeon so you could say four dungeons. Our Party consists on a Wizard, using the Dark Elf Sorceress from Games Workshop, a Dwarf, using the Dwarf Lord from Avatars of War, a Bretonnian Knight, using Finari from Reaper Miniatures and lastly the Elf from the original boxed game.

This seems to be a very strong party. Admittedly a party should always have a wizard for healing and other various spells. The Dwarf and Bretonnian knight do a lot of the combat and the dwarf I am playing I am starting to buff up as a Tank as he a lot of wounds and I have managed to get a ring of protection and some armour so he has a toughness of 7. This is more or less true for the Bretonnian Knight except they managed to get their hand on a very nice magic sword that add 3 attacks onto the base attack of the Knight. The wizard has a variety of healing, buffing and destruction spells that help in a variety of situations. Lastly the elf is an all rounder having managed to get his paws on a decent bow that increases his ballistic skill and two types of special arrows to help against certain foes.

I could go on in more detail, but I think I have probably bored you guys to death as it is. As I have previously mentioned I have a bit of a treat for you next week, so I am hoping that makes up for my latest slackness. Until next time out may the Plague Father bless everything that you do.


  1. Warhammer quest has been good fun just a shame not managed a game for a while. You finished building that PC at last? I order myself some parts to build myself a new one ready for SWTOR.

    Looking forward to your mystery project next week

  2. Well not finished building it as I got it off a friend and it was already set up but it was buried away in the office and I had to dig it out and re-arrange my room to fit it in and connect it to my TV :)

  3. I really want a game of Warhammer Quest... Need to test out my Warrior Priest in some dungeon questing action!!!

  4. Was loads of fun, shame games have dried up recently.


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