Friday, 23 December 2011

Winter is coming...

Welcome back to Papa Nurgle's favored cupboard. This week I wanted to share with you something a little different. I recently picked up my copy of Game of Thrones 2nd Edition board game. After watching the first Season I have to say I am extremely looking forward to having a game of this. I got it from Wayland Games for £43.19 and with free postage and packaging, which I think is pretty good to say its RRP is £47.99 for a game that can be played out of the box for 3 - 6 players.

Last night I decided to unwrap the game and have a look at it and I have to say the quality is very good. The board is pretty big and very clear. The printing quality is excellent and even has some details to make some parts look like worn leather. The Cards are Plastic coated and are similar to Bicycle Cards so they feel very nice. The counters for the units are made of plastic in 6 different colours and are done in a Pearl style so that they look marbled. The colours are bright and they stand out nicely from the darker colour of the board. The tokens are made of about 5mm thick pressed card and feel like they wont fall t obits any time soon.

I'm looking forward having a game of this as it seems you have to forge and break alliances to win the game and be very 'tricksy'. You place order tokens upside down and have a screen to keep all your tokens hidden. I'm impressed that the game manages to pack up in suck a small box for the amount of stuff and the size of the board. I do however have two gripes with this. One is that there are no bags for the tokens, luckily I had some zip bags I used to save me sifting through about 150 different tokens. The other is that they provide two reference sheets. It would be more practical to supply one for each player. To sort this out I am going to get them scanned and possible laminated.

I did take a lot of pictures, but I had think and decided to get hold of the video below as I thought it was better and to be honest today I am just being plain lazy.

And that's it for this week I hope Nurgle Claus brings you something nice for Christmas.

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  1. I do look forward to having a game of this though as I never played risk might take a few games to get my head around it properly.


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