Friday, 16 December 2011

Works in Progress

Salutations fellow followers of the spreader of plagues. As I mentioned last week I have a variety of Projects on the go at the moment. In the last week I have been concentrating on some terrain, which I managed to get finished last night and thought I would share them with you all. I know it's not special, but I thought it was better then nothing.

My Fuel Dump/Command Post is currently on hold as I am contemplating building it so it can be duplicated in resin or some other light weight material. This is because over the last month I've considered getting some bases done in the same way. I have yet to research how easy and costly this will be yet.

In the meantime I have a few small bits and pieces of scenery that I go cheaply of eBay and I thought as a change I would get these out of the way. I have assembled and painted 10 barrels, 4 barricades, 3 tank traps and an ammo dump. I was going to mount the ammo dump itself onto some MDF board, but I thought the way that I did would mean it could be used on any type of board.

Now that I have this bits out of the way I am going to paint my command for my Orcs and Night Gobbos. Until then farewell and may Nurgle's blessings fall upon you.


  1. Good stuff here. I'm not great at terrain, so it's good to see people who are.

  2. Good work on the weapon crates the highlighting looks spot on.

    Have to have a game soon so can try it out on the board.


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