Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Tale of Three Fantasy Gamers - Introudction

Good evening children of the plague father. This evening I am pleased to announce that Mighty Simo, Dorn's Arrow and myself have decided to start a "Tale of Three Fantasy Gamers" to try and get a starter fantasy army each with plans of trying out 8th edition. I got inspired to do this after following the progress of Millests TOTG and had initially wanted to do an Imperial Guard of my own, however when trying to rally the troops for this no one was interested in starting yet another 40k army and I was at the point of just doing it solo as another project I shouldn't take on until I have finished everything else ( though if my hints of wanting an airbrush for Christmas have been noticed by my wife I might get Imperial Guard and go full tank column ) .

Luckily while trying to convince Mighty Simo he needs another army to use other than his Chaos Marines he said he would be interested in doing it with Fantasy as had collected some Orks from AOBR he wanted to try and use in WFB along with some Night Goblins he had got cheap at the FLGS. With this opportunity rising I decided why not and then had to decide between the Tomb Kings I wanted to start or the boxes of Lizardmen I have in my hobby corner from last year when the hype of 8th hit and I was convinced it was worth investing in ( one game since 8th has been out at 600 points says it wasn't ). In the end true to my nature the models I already own were ignored in favour of the army I always wanted.

After talking it over we are going to write up a 1000 point legal list which will be broken down into 200 points per two months incase of holidays and the like. Now I know this doesn't seem a lot but when looking over the cost of models some are cheap to the point of seeming like a ploy to sell plastic in bulk so a 1000 point army could be quite sizeable.

Army wise I will be going a head with my Tomb Kings, Mighty Simo is starting an Orcs and Goblins while Dorn is treating us to more of his Skaven. The plan is to have an update on each armies progress every week with a round up at the end of each month. Lists will be submitted before the end of August and we will start on September 1st and run until the end of June 2012.

At this point there is no punishment for people who slack off but this may get reviewed if it needs to be, at this point I don't want to be too heavy handed with it and take away the fun and just make it a chore. We will try to post some none Fantasy posts as well but it will not count towards the TOTFG posts so might be a little rarer. All being well a 1000 point army won't take almost a year.

Until next time children keep spreading his blight.



  1. An admirable goal, seems plenty of time to do it so not completely unreasonable either even with slacking on the painting. Lets hope your skeleton swarm isn't too dull to paint eh

  2. Hopefully won't be too tough and if it goes well might be able to convince people to do a 40k version and get that tank column I always talk about.

  3. So i might have been cheating my way to a bit of a head start (35 clanrats done already) but at between 4 and 5 points a model i definately needed to get going... This is going to be great!!! Think my plan will be to do cheap troops for 3 weeks out of 4 and then an expensive unit to boost my monthly targets :)

    p.s. I wouldnt mind hitting a similar challenge with 40k orks if this goes well as i have a lot of boxed orks raring to go.


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