Wednesday, 3 August 2011

40k for sale!

Good afternoon fellow warp spawn of the Plague Father. I am going to cheeky plug about my items I am selling on eBay. Basically I bought the Assault on Black Reach box set as I wanted the templates and rule book for Blog Wars back in June. I was hoping to us a lot of the Orks for my Warhammer Orc and Goblin horde, but when I received it through the post I found that only 10 of the Ork boyz would pass as fantasy battle Orcs. I am also looking at converting the Warboss, which I will do a step by step for your loyal fellowship.

This means that everything else I am more or less selling. They have all started at a measly £0.99 so grab yourselves a bargain.

I have split the units up into individual parts and nearly, if not all of the miniatures are still attached to the sprue so they are virtually "brand new from the box". There is also 2 Chaos Space Marine bikes that I got in a bundle off eBay and do not need. The items I have for sale are:

3 Ork Deff Kopters
1 Space Marine Captain
1 Space Marine Dreadnaught
5 Space Marines with flamer and sergeant
5 Space Marines with Missile Launcher
5 Space Marine Terminators
2 Chaos Space Marine Bikes

You can view all the items at

In recent news, I have been sorting out the Ork boyz for my Warhammer Orc horde and I have taken my light box round to Dorn's Arrow to take some pictures of his recent models that he should be giving you an update on hopefully this week.

Until then fellow daemons of Nurgle, may you be the bringer of plagues and death to the false Emporer!

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  1. Dibs on the marines with the missile launcher, i need a cheap way of increasing my devestator squads ML output :) money coming your way soon :)


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