Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What I've been up to...

Greetings followers of all things decaying, I thought it was about time I made another post to the festering Cupboard of Nurgle. So recently I have been working on my 1st army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a suitably disgusting and vile species with links to the plague god himself... The Skaven!

So for xmas (I know I've been slow, I commit myself to many projects at once) I bought myself the island of blood, which is a seriously good box set. The models are fantastically detailed and the mini rulebook is great, specially as its full colour.

The thing I like about the Skaven is their backstabbing nature, and lined up in their ranks they really look like they would just overwhelm the foe with numbers, biting scratching and stabbing their way to victory, even if the foe was their (ex) best mate:

I am just about to finish another 5 ratmen, which will give my running total as 15 with spears and shields and 15 with hand weapons and shields. Soon I will be assembling and painting the command units for these 2 infantry blocks so hopefully I'll have some follow up pictures. Following the completion of my clanrat units (well until I get more models to expand them) I have 20 stormvermin, 5 poison wind globadiers, 2 rat ogres, 2 warlords, 2 weapon teams and the warlock engineer to paint… so far I have found the Skaven very quick to paint, mainly due to their dirty nature and the generous use of Devlan Mud wash and a simple highlight scheme. So hopefully I will have enough painted for a small game in a few weeks :)

However because I'm a sucker for a good guy, I have also finished my test model of a High Elf Lothern sea guard. I think its one of the nicest models I have ever painted, differing totally in painting methods to the Skaven, being much more about clean, thin layers of paint rather than the dirty wash. I find these different painting techniques help me from getting bored of painting the same thing, and therefore I don't start to try to paint too quickly and bodge them.

Anyway, it would be great to hear what people think, or if they have been starting any new armies or are trying any different methods of keeping their painting style feeling 'fresh'.

Until next time friends, let the rivers flow freely with pus and mucous (and all manner of other disgusting Nurgley things).


  1. I am liking the High Elf really good model. Keep it up :)

  2. Skaven are looking good everyone needs some Ratmen in their life, though saying that I would paint them black with a white strip as they look enough like a badger to work and badgers are heroes.

    The elf is a nice contrast to the Skaven and nice to see you have the patience to paint two armies with two styles at once.

  3. Cheers guys, i'm also working through my masses of crimson fists and orks, so its actually 4 armies at once :) helps keep it fresh i think.

    Mighty Simo told me bout the tale of x gamers idea, so i was working on a list for skaven yesterday, sounds like fun to me :)


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