Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fresh from the Forge: Chaos Warhound Titan

Hello and welcome back to Nurgle's favoured cupboard. We apologise for being a little behind on our posts, but we have all been extremely busy or have had nothing new to report. I wanted to change the tone from the buzz of the latest Necron release. I have to say they look very shiny and I am sure O'Shashar will be doing a post soon about them seeing as he acquired some of the new models on release day.

OK, now none of you may be aware but it was my birthday 2 weeks ago. I was surely blessed as last week my Brother-in-law got in touch with me regarding my top secret present. It was so secret that even the Inquisition struggled to find out what it was. Well today I have decided to share this blessing of Nurgle with our loyal followers.

I was gifted a might Chaos Warhound Titan fresh from the forges of Mars to bolster my growing Chaos war band. My Brother-in-law and his best friend Salty, who some of you may know him as he is very well known on Warseer Forums, had hand built the titan from scratch. Now for those of you who would like to know how this can be done can find the blueprints here.

OK, well I am sure you are drooling in anticipation to see what this magnificent war machine looks like. I have got some pictures for you below that Salty kindly allowed me to use from his Warseer log. He has two running at the moment that I would recommend checking out. He has an Ork log and a General log.

I am unsure when I will be able to get round to painting this awe inspiring creation, but as soon as I do I will get post, put up about it. For the the less evil of you out their Dorn's Arrow is due to put up a showcase of his Crimson Fails...I mean Fists. Until next time our loyal daemonic followers of the all father.


  1. Ha! I think "very well known" or whatever is overdoing it a bit - I'm known to many of the Guilders and Moderators, less so the rest of the boards. ;)

    Also the General Log is very out of date - the Ork log is where it's all happening!

    If you don't break it beforehand, I expect painted pics for the log you Simo. :P

    Salty :)

  2. That is some impressive looking scratch built goodness from the two gents who have been kind enough to gift it to you as a present.

    Will have to hold you to painting it as imagine that monster would be a good test for scarabs and gauss weaponry.

  3. To begin I will say: Congratulations!
    This war machine is awesome!
    I'm jealous!

    Hopefully someday, someone make me a gift like that!
    We hope to see it finished: P
    Greetings from Spain! :D

  4. wow that is awesome ! happy late birthday from me and S :)

  5. @ Salty I'll try to not break your wonderful creation ,but it is very fragile =P

    @ O'Shashar Im not sure what your gauss flayers will do as the titan has void shields, I've not read the rules yet

    @ Alviro Thank you and greeting from the UK :)

    @ FD Mini Painting Thank You


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