Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crimson Fists Showcase

Hi everyone, I thought I would take a break from my Skaven progress posts (mainly as there hasnt been much recently) and show some pictures of some of my Crimson Fists army.

First off here is the Chapter Master himself, Pedro Kantor. In the above picture he is with my Sternguard Veterans unit. Including Pedro in an army list allows you to use Sternguard as a scoring unit (which has been very handy at times). My favourite thing about Pedro is the extra attacks he gives out due to his Living Chapter Banner rule. Half of my Sternguard are converted from a tactical squad and the Black Templars upgrade sprue as well as some bitz I had left around, and they fit in well with the metal figures so I'm happy I took that approach.

One of my other units I often use is my Chaplain with Jump Pack attached to an Assault Squad. Rerolls for an assault squad are fantastic, this unit ripped apart Mighty Simo's Demon Prince in a single turn the last time I fielded them (and he was not happy!!!)

My Terminator Librarian has only seen battle the once so far (and rolled a perils of the warp - doh!) however I can see big things for him if I can learn how to use him properly. My ideal plan is to add him to the Sternguard unit and teleport into ideal locations to unleash the Sternguard's special ammo.

Another unit type I am fond of are the Scouts. I tend to use my scouts in a defensive capacity, holding objectives in my own deployment zone, however I sometimes use the land speeder storm and bike squad to try to perform last minute daring moves to contest objectives, or to lend support to an assualt. In my last game my scout squad joined an assault and actually caused 2 wounds on Typhus... Bargain!

I also have painted up a Predator, Dreadnaught, Tactical Squad, Devestator Squad, Techmarine, and a Captain, however I'm not as happy with the paintjobs on those. I have lots more to paint for my Crimson Fists, including a Vindicator, Landraider Crusader, Rhino, another Dreadnaught, a second Tactical Squad, some more scouts, more terminators, some assault terminators, Darnath Lysander (as a counts as model), another Captain (which will be my attempt to create Alessio Cortez the Immortal), a Command Squad and thats it off the top of my head... Damn you Ebay!!!

Thats it for me until next time, hope Father Nurgle doesn't frown upon my Imperial background :)


  1. Some impressive work with your Crimson Fists and that is a lot of scouts no wonder Simo complains about them.

    Librarian looks funky is that the one from the limited edition Spave Hulk

  2. Great work and photos! :)
    I want see moreeee!
    ¿When something about Nurgle Marines? (I love them)

    Cheeeers from Spain!

  3. I love your Crimson Fists...I hate them oin the battlefield though.

    Alviro I'm the only one with some Nurgle marines, which I picked up on the cheap and I need to strip and repaint them. I might do them just for you :)

  4. Cheers for the comments guys :)

    The librarian is the metal librarian in terminator armour, i went for the storm bolter instead of the open palm as for 3 points it means he can still contribute after using a non shooting psychic power :)

    Haha, my scouts do annoy Simo every now and again lol.

    As for the plague marines, id love to see Mighty Simo get to work on those, specially as he mentioned a Khornite theme to them so that they fit with the rest of his army. That would be interesting to see :)

  5. love assualt units it's becomin a bit of an obsession of mine haha anyway really like the look of this army do u guys do battle reports would be great to see em in action ?


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