Monday, 19 September 2011

Hello, I'mmmmmm back! (Re-cap of my last two weeks).

Salutations fellow plague spawn of Papa Nurgle. I apologise for the lack of posts from myself the last 2 weeks. As I last said I was away on holiday for 9 days. Now obviously I haven't done much on my Orc and Goblin horde for my tale of three gamers. Being away was one reason and the second was getting hold of the awesome game Space Marine, which has taken up all my time. I should get back to painting the Orcs soon as they are giving me nasty looks shouting "C'mon 'umie we darez ya to paint uz!"

Anyway, as I have mentioned one reason why I do not have a further update on my Orc and Goblin horde is that I have just completed Space Marine. I am thoroughly pleased I pre-ordered it as it is a really good game, but the ending unfortunately is a complete anti climax. Again if you haven't seen my review of the demo then I would suggest having a read if you are in two minds. I will add to my review that the full game itself is fantastic, their are all sorts of fluff and actual models making their way into the game. The Cities of Death terrain, Cadian Imperial guards Ork and Space Marine models. There is even Forgeworld's Nurgle Blight Drone. The weapons feel and sound like they should do. Your armoury is quite impressive, it would make any Space Marine Master of the Armoury jealous! I am tempted to make a full review including multiplayer.

Now onto GW's latest news today. I don't like jumping on the band wagon, but I don't see many blogs out their mentioning this so I thought I would give it a plug. I would be surprised if none of you have heard the rumours flying around the web already, but I am sure many of you have seen and heard hints to what GW was going to announce today. For those that have been in stasis it is a new one time board game that has been released. Now I haven't been around long enough (correct me is I'm wrong), but this appears to be a re-make of Man O' War. The game is for two or more players and it is a fight of good against evil. As well as fighting each other the box seems to come with terrain and sea monsters to avoid. It appears you get plenty of models in the set and it does look really nice (It should do for £70!). I am weighing up on weather to order it with it being a one time release (I know Dorn's Arrow has already ordered his). It seems it is only available direct from GW. I picked mine up from the FLGS so doesn't look like it is GW only - O'Shashar

As promised as you can see above are the 5 Orcs I didn't show on my previous post. Some of you may recognise them as the Orks from Assault on Black Reach. I have basically put them on square bases. I have also done a few head swaps and used some of the spare accessories in the Orc Boyz box to help them fit in with the proper Orc Boyz. I also clipped off the Sluggas and used green stuff to tidy the area up. Some of you may realise that they are not in rank and file this because of how the models have their weapon arms, they stick out too much. I am going to work the rest of the Orc Boyz around these.

Unfortunately that is all I have for you today our faithful followers. Until next time may the Plague Father bless you in all that you do.


  1. Good to have you back, I am liking the converted Orcs as they are looking nice and beefy though might ruin your neat rank & file bobs.

    It is a shame to see how fast you played through Space Marine and that the ending didn't thrill you.

    I wasn't sure on Dread Fleet though I have put my deposit down for a preorder at the LGS so probably not be able to help myself and open it for a game.

  2. Good job there on the converted orks I likes em!

  3. Cheers guys

    @ O'Shashar Yeah, they are gonna make it hard to rank and file them, but it's not impossible as I've tried with the other 5 and they nearly go in and they will eventually be a horde

    @Dalinair Thanks, just kit bashing really ;)


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