Sunday, 22 May 2011

Trialing the light box

Good morning minions of the plague father Sunday has rolled around again quicker than I would have liked and as promised I've cracked out the light box I treat myself to last week and don't think it has gone too badly.

My T'au cadre has volunteered to be guinea pigs despite only being done to a table top standard (to meet the requirements for Blogwars).

First up is my name sake Shas'O Shashar.

For Blogwars he will be running as a Shas'el

Next is his trusty shield drone Bob, which for a mighty 15 points has been worth his weight in gold.

1 of 8 home made shield drones which were hugely cheaper than the metal GW ones

One of my proud Shas'ui wielding a pulse rifle, hopefully a new codex will make these guys worth taking as they are quite a nice model despite having tons of mould lines.

Everyone loves mandatory +1 troop choices

And finally a group shot to show that they do hold coherency across the Cadre.

I always forget how chunky the battlesuits are

I hope you have enjoyed the preview of my Cadre and any tips for improving my pictures are welcome.



  1. Looks pretty good mate. Mind if I ask where you got the light box and how much it was?

    I've been thinking about investing in one myself. I'd like to put more pictures of my army on the blog but I never seem to manage to get decent pics of them.

    See you at Blog Wars.

  2. Sorry didn't see this sooner I got the lightbox from Maplins for £15 without lamps. The picture shows it without a top but it does come with one for a fully enclosed box with a reversible blue / silver inside cloth

    Item code a03bl


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