Sunday, 15 May 2011

Road to Blogwars

With only three weeks to go until Blogwars I really should be painting my T'au cadre but have had my arm twisted to put up the post I have been putting off.

Blogwars is a blogspot community event being run by  From The Fang and should make for a day of gaming, drinking and general good times all round which is being held at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield.

This is the first tournament I will be attending and with my T'au having nothing painted it will be a challenge that could ruin me. As I have been mightily slack with them despite falling in love with the T'au as soon as I picked them up from a friend to help him get out of 40k my painting had been ignored due to a lack of games giving me no motivation.

This leaves me in the unfortunate position of painting 76 models up in seven weeks since I decided to go within 5 minutes of hearing about a tournament within an hours drive and didn't really think about the work this would cause me while trying to not have my wife kill me.

This does mean I won't be winning the best painted award and have made my peace with this, but at least having my army to table top standard is a push in the right direction ( I just bought a light box so will get some pictures up of them when I get back on schedule).

Sorry to cut my first post a little short but the massed Kroot on my desk are looking like they need the paint I promised them sooner rather than later.



  1. Oh dear, well good luck with that =p 76 models in seven weeks should be a vlog man if you manage to pull it off along with work aswel you have my respect.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement it's not going as bad as I expected 43 are done, 20 I'm just finishing off basing and 14 to go, I know this is 77 but I managed to free up some extra points :)


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