Monday, 9 May 2011


Greetings minions of the Great Unclean One and welcome to The Cupboard of Nurgle. Hopefully this will turn out to be a nice hub of information for fellow gaming hobbyists and if you are lucky you may be blessed by the lord of decay himself when you open his cupboard.
At the moment we are still doing some tinkering with the colour, graphics and the layout, so you may notice some changes in these early days, but we thought we would kick off our introduction post.
Let's start with a little about ourselves and why we have created this blog. We are a group of friends, who are big Warhammer 40k fans looking at branching out in the gaming world. At the moment we are looking at getting in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but in the past we have dabbled in a bit of BloodBowl.
We have decided to create this blog after myself and O'Shashar signed up for Blog Wars (hosted by the guys at From The Fang) in June. We got wind of this through our good friend at the 40k Project.
After some discussion we decided to get some heads together and create our own blog to give our views, tips, reviews on miniatures and releases, as well as showing off our current projects and more then likely having the odd rant now and then.
Anyway for the time being my friends I will be signing out and remember "Death to the False Emperor!"

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