Monday, 10 December 2012

100th Post and 5 Completed Cultists!

Hello and welcome back to our favored cupboard of Nurgle. We have returned after a long traverse of the warp. It is also our 100th post, so I hope with my offerings of my first 5 painted cultists will suffice to Papa Nurgle.

I have painted my cultists to fit in my my Chaos Marine Army. The colour is a darker version of the Red Corsairs. The colour scheme is black and burgundy with a trim of brass. The models where pretty nice to assemble and paint. The only problem was the one cultists with bare chest. His front did not seem to clip on well and I had to try and sort it our with some liquid green stuff.

I am currently painting something for the current festivities  I wont spoil the surprise, but they should be done this coming week. I will then be starting on another 5 Cultists with Autoguns.

Until next time I hope that Nurgles blessing fall on all you faithful followers of the lord of Pestilence.


  1. Nice stuff. I like that skin tone- goes well with the muted paint job.

  2. Wait... your Chaos army has a uniform colour scheme? :P

    They look pretty awesome though mate, nice one!

  3. Well no they don't mainly because I have too many models to paint and not enough time XD

  4. Thanks. I went for a paler skin tone to try and reflect the corruption of the warp


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