Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Cleaver'land Greens

Greetings all you pestilent friends. Recently I have become a bit bogged down in all the Skaven Slaves I have been painting, and so decided to have a break. This coincided nicely with the start of the NFL season. It got me thinking, I am a big Cleveland Browns fan (unfortunately as there isn't much to love at the moment), and I wondered if I could create an Orc Blood Bowl team with the look of the Browns, but looking as Orc-y and as mean as ever. So here is the 1st member of the Cleaver'land Greens:

One Lineman down, once I have a few more I will probably add numbers to the metal plate on his back, to help designate his position. I shall have to see what other Orc/Ork bits I have lying around and plan the rest of my team, I'm thinking a couple of Black Orc Blockers, a goblin or 2, and hopefully a troll in there somewhere also. I know Mighty Simo has an almost complete Norse team, so hopefully if I continue building the team there could be a game or 2 in the new year, maybe even on Superbowl Sunday.

That's all from me for now, just a quick post, then its back to the Skaven Slaves, and a test model for my Dark Angels :)


  1. The kits looks just like cleveland duded, good job. Need to get my bloodbowl team done for superbowl aswell ;)

  2. Definitely mate, I will have to crack on with some more also :)


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