Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello and welcome back faithful warp travelers to Nurgles favored cupboard. As you may remember a few weeks back that I had been working on something that was a surprise for you all.

I was shopping some time ago and came across a paint it yourself bauble set. Admittedly this is aimed for kids and I think it was pretty cheap. I looked at it and thought that if I prime and paint them with my model paints they will turn out rather well. I finished they last week and I think they have turned out rather well.

I will be painting another 5 cultists soon and I will have pictures posted up for you all as soon as they are done.

Until then may Papa Nurgle bring you something nice tomorrow for Christmas!


  1. Those look awesome though is a bit depressing you paint baubles better than I paint models.

  2. They really are great!... hmmm wondering if i should just attach a bit of string to my models n hang em from the tree next year? lol


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