Thursday, 20 September 2012

Skaven Warlock Engineer Completed

Greetings pestilent friends. I have been slow with my painting recently, but have finally finished my Warlock Engineer.

I wanted to reflect the twisted technology possessed by this character by using a Warlock-Augmented Halberd, and so followed the guide in White Dwarf no 362 for painting crystalline surfaces (Eldar power weapons), and swapped the blues for greens (namely snot green and scorpion green in the old gw colours). I'm really pleased with how the effect turned out, as well as the model as a whole.

I also had time to paint my poisoned wind mortar team, and went for a swirling warpstone infused gas look for inside the globes.

Next up on the painting agenda is a blood bowl orc for the new team that I am hoping to make. I have simply used a spare model from the assualt on black reach set and chopped off his weapons and posed him in a position where he looks like he is about to smash into someone. Here is how he looks so far:

I plan to add more AoBR orks for linemen, some WFB Black Orcs, a few goblins and a stone troll. Early days yet though as I also want to get started on my Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance and make more progress on my Skaven. Until next time folks...


  1. That is a good looking warlock, shame I don't have that particular WD it looks a good effect 

  2. Warlock engineer looks awesome :) I like the warpstone effect on the blade and the globes. I agreed a tutorial should be written up ;)

  3. Cheers guys, really glad you like the models, the effect took me awhile to be honest, but the hard work does pay off... I will try to write up a good post for how i painted it, although there wont be any work in progress shots, unless i decide to use the same effect on my Warlord? What do you think? I could paint his halberd or his cleaver in this style?


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