Saturday, 29 September 2012

Replacement Flying Bases

Good evening worshippers of the Plague Father and thank you for joining us again. Today I would like to offer up a simple alternative to the small flying bases from Games Workshop. I have made this as I have broken more than my fair share of these on Destroyers, Hammer Heads and Crisis Suits.

I was going to attach a magnet to the plastic rod but then I saw a set of Geomag toys on ebay for a couple of pounds which came with 36 rods and a large selection of ball bearings. The rod itself is a hard plastic with a rare earth magnet stuck in each end so you could easily make something similar yourself with a bit of dowel and a sunk magnet though with the cost of magnets alone I liked them.

I started by priming the rod black, as the ones I have are a mix of red, blue and yellow. I stuck this onto the plastic base with super glue as I wasn't sure how poly cement would behave with this type of plastic.

To attach it to the destroyer in this case I used a flat headed screw, if you go this route remember to check they are magnetic before attaching. You could easily swap this out for another magnet or a piece of steel rod which would work nicely and could be made to sit flush with the model if you attached it inside.

I have used this stand on my Destroyer Lord in a couple of games now and is has served me wonderfully compared to the standard ones I used to break on a regular basis.

Until next time keep spreading his word to every corner of the universe.



  1.  As a Dark Eldar player I can feel your pain with flying bases. I'd like to recommend you a solution I use for my Skimmers: this one:

    They are truly awesome, although a bit pricey. :S But are more stable then magnets.

  2. They do seem to make fantastic alternatives, having seen that destroyer I did consider getting some for my dark eldar

  3.  Thanks when I get chance plan to add them to my destroyers and Tau vehicles but with them not being used as much currently might be a while for them

  4.  Sadly there doesn't seem to be anything similar in the UK so get even more pricey. I saw the back-2-basics ones that used a nice design but they had the same issue with international shipping


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