Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Crashed Aquila Lander WIP

 Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us again at Nurgle's favoured Cupboard. I apologise for the lack of updates from myself. I have been extremely busy sorting out my house the last few weeks. Any way I have been doing some work on my Crashed Aquila Lander while I can and I am not far off from having it finished. The picture isn't as good as I hoped as I didn't have anywhere nice to take it so I had to cram it into my light box. Once it is I will make sure I have another picture for you all.

On a side note I picked up my limited edition copy of Dark Vengence, I have to say that the miniatures are amazing. The next thing I am going to paint is 10 of the cultists for the box set. I just have to decide on whether to do the ones with the Autoguns or the ones with the ones with close combat weapons and Auto pistols. If anyone has any preferences let me know.

And that's all for today from the lusciously deceased garden of our beloved Plague Father.


  1. looking good, to be honest i expected you to have at least 5 cultists painted by now :)

  2. Thanks. Don't worry I was clipping them out of the sprue last night when I got home late last night ;)

  3. lander is look good and look forward to seeing your cultists. I still can't decide if I should open mine or not as don't play DA or Chaos


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