Thursday, 5 April 2012

WIP Necron Warriors & Crypteks

Good morning travellers of the warp It is good to see you have once again joined me in the darkest recesses of Nurgle's cupboard. I apologise if you have seen this post going to a dead link I accidentally published this early and with the new blogger interface it hadn't been removed from the blog rolls when I checked this morning after rolling it back last night, so here it is ahead of schedule.

 Today I have for you an update on my Necrons I purchased when the codex was released but have struggled with an update to my paint scheme. After much trial and error on one poor warrior who now knows most of my paint collection intimately .

So first up here are my work in progress warriors. I kept my original dark metal colour which is a base of tin bitz then touches of gun bolt metal finished with devlan mud wash. On to this I used burnt cadre red from vallejo for the shoulders and the gun barrel. The beam on the weapon was done with thinned layers of blood red, blazing orange, sunburst yellow and a dab of white. While they are far from perfect I feel they are going in the right direction.

I have also been building a few of my models to try and move away from model rep as much as I can as it does annoy me that I know I have the model unassembled when I'm using different models even if I am delayed with the painting.

First up is the official model. While it is finecast it isn't massively misshapen though it did come with a large amount of flash and has a rather sizeable hole on his leg which I plan to try out some liquid green stuff on.

This handsome fellow is the first of my two I kit bashed from a Lychguard box I have. Essentially the only changes I made opposed to a Lychguard is a I assembled him with a Deathmark head and the rod of the covenant instead of a war scythe. I think once it is painted up it will be different enough to be obvious what it is without being over the top and rivalling a Lord.

Last up is the same basic idea as above but with the alternative body for the jump infantry and the tabard instead of the tail they have. Personally I don't like this as much with the orbs on his back and the cage over him but gives me a nice variety of Crypteks to remember who has what.

I am having a game later this evening which if it goes well for me my next models to make it to my assembly table will be a pair of Ghost Arks.

Until next time may the infectious pox of Nurgle blight your every waking moment so you may feel his presence fortify your spirit as your body becomes a shrine filled with his gift of life.



  1. Warriors are looking awesome, I like the paint scheme you decided on in the end and on the custom bases they stand out nicely.

    Crypteks also look pretty good, fairly like the original as well though in some ways better. Personal favorite is the jump pack one though guess it does look less like a cryptek should, its still funky though and more bulked out like a non bob should be.

  2. Thanks, I'm happy with it though not sure how I'll spread it to units without lthe green barrels. Still need load of practice with them as making lot of deployment mistakes that are delaying me getting full potential of army but three games in now and had a lose, draw and win in that order is going in right direction.

  3. I like the kit bashing. A good way of using the spares on these new multi part kits and helps your army stand out :)

  4. Dig the black and red colors (though I might be biased since I'm doing the same with my Eldar!). Looking very slick.

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  5. Thanks guys, looking forward to being able to use the right models for my Necrons as the T'aucrons just feel a bit lazy at the minute.

    Started on a Ghost Ark construction yesterday but took such a long time I still have to sort out the warriors for it and glue the final construction together. Looks cool but needed a lot of clean up and isn't as nice and simple as a rhino.


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