Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tale of Three Gamers (Orc & Goblins) Update

Greeting fellow travellers of the empyrean. First of all please accept my apologies for our lack of updates lately. As some of you may know Diablo 3 was released last week. Myself and O'Shashar have been slaying demonic filth from Sanctuary. This has unfortunately taken time away from our beloved hobby. Never fear though as I have an offering for you today of some more of my Night Goblins that I finished before painting my Thunderwolf.

I am more please with this set of 5 Goblins because I remembered the  white triangles on the hood, which I feel helps to frame the face. I have just ordered some Army Painter Matt Varnish in a bottle so that I can apply the white triangles on my other 10 Goblins and then paint over it with the Varnish.

On my painting table at the moment are the last 5 Goblins of my 20 Goblin unit with short bows. There is slow progress going on at the moment as the lure of Diablo 3 is just too strong! I do want them done as soon as possible though as that will give me 3 fulls units out of 6 and having 62 models done out of 96 means I will have just under a third of my models left to do.

Until next time our beloved followers of Nurgle may his pox smites your enemies and if you have not done so try Diablo 3.


  1. You should post them all mate, it just looks like you are posting the same picture of the same goblins each time :)

  2. Goblins looking good Simo I do think the white triangles do make it pop though imagine they are tough to do consistently.

  3. Nice work. I like the purple robes, nice to see Night Goblins in more than their plain black nightgowns.

  4. @Dalinair I can see how they all loo kthe same, I think my next update I will take a picture of my units to show them off at full strength ;)

    @O'Shashar Thanks, I thinks the triangles just a add that little extra detail to the model

    @Kuffeh I could have easily done them black and had them all done ages ago, but I always try and do something slightly different to the normal paint scheme with my models if I can.

  5. Good work, I invite you to look at my work on the O&G:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColouredDust
    Blog: http://coloureddust.blogspot.com


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