Monday, 28 May 2012

Dorn's Arrow's Finished Thunderwolf

Greetings fellow followers of the Plague God. On Friday I finally finished my Thunderwolf (sorry about the delay, its been a very busy couple of weeks).

This was a fantastic opportunity to try out some new techniques (I have never painted that much fur),  and just a great chance to paint one of the Sons of Ruus. For the wolf I wanted to base the colours on those on the front of the box, and so went for a striped wolf of greys and browns, with a blend into a khaki highlight to tie the colours together naturally. I also wanted to go with a snowy base and so this was the first model I have tried modelling snow on and am quite pleased with the way the wolf and base go together as though its a natural habitat.

The kit was great with lots of options. Being a Crimson Fists player, there is just something in me which screams "grab the power fist!" So I did. Assembling the kit did take a while as Mighty Simo mentioned in his post, but the resulting pose is really dynamic and there were so many options no one really had to surrender any items they wanted to use.

To paint the marine I followed the tips in a recent white dwarf (with the old paints) although I added a few layers between the basecoat and edge highlight to blend the armour colours a bit more. Adding battle damage was also a first for me, and I am really pleased with the effect.

And one of the reasons I'm so late with the Thunderwolf is that I was halfway through another batch of 5 Stormvermin for the Tale of X Gamers. So there they are. On other news, its my birthday today, and my girlfriend bought me the 'How to Paint Citadel Miniatures' book and DVD, so I'm very pleased (and impressed) and am about to crack on with some more slave rats for my list. So until next time, let the father's blessings of filth be with you all.


  1. Nice looking model, I like the grey & brown fur makes it look quite savage. Not sure what is happening to these wolves with all their implants clearly they ain't getting looked after right by the Space Wolves

  2. Haha, yeah I dont think mighty simo went for any cybernetics on his wolf though... clearly he has looked after his better than us lol. All in all I think we have done well to create 3 very different looking figures :)

  3. I really like the thunder wolf, especially the fur colours. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks Malduran, its the most amount of fur I've ever tackled in one go, my skaven are all so much smaller that at first I didn't realise how patient ya have to be on a big hairy model. But I'm glad it worked out :)


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