Friday, 3 February 2012

50th Follower! You Know What That Means...

That is right faithful followers of Papa Nurgle we now have our 50th follower! We thought that this is the perfect time to have a give away to thank all the people who have been following us and to possibly draw in some new faces.

When I discussed this with my fellow bloggers it was quickly decided that it would need to be one of Nurgles minions that was sent out into the wide world as our gift to the faithful. After a long look over what there was to choose from we decided on the new Nurgle Chaos Lord.

With the prize sorted we then had to decide who would be the one to paint it ( I suggested Mighty Simo as he does love him some painting ). In the end Dorn's Arrow suggested we paint one each and have the internet vote on their favourite. Now don't worry about the other two, they will not be melted down in shame. They will be given away as well! That's right three chances to win a painted Nurgle Chaos Lord.

So the gauntlet has been thrown down and from tonight we have until the 29th of February to have our model ready to go to the public vote. After a week we will know who paints the most beautiful ( or more likely gruesome ) model between us and then we will randomly pick a follower and let them have their choice of the 3 Lords. After they have claimed their prize we will do it again for second place with the choice of the two remaining and then third place will get which get the remaining model.

Now if you feel that one entry is not enough and that you just know luck is against you I am willing to throw you a second entry in return for posting about our give away on your own blog ( linking to this post ) and then adding a link to your post in the comments below. If you do you will be entered into the draw a second time, however to try and make it fair you can only win 1 of the 3 models.

Until next time keep spreading the world of Papa Nurgle to the masses.



  1. A Big Hello from your newest member.

    I recently came across your blog and just started to follow you, as I think it's great, so we might have a couple of things in common as I too have a hobby blog you might like to follow to at

    So feel free to drop me a comment and hopefully become a member, keep up the good work. And hopefully I'll hear from you soon

  2. Congrats bud, I have to do my own contest soon as well as I hit a milestone also. I'll link this post soon man.

  3. Here is a Saturday Shout Out for a certain blog that lives in a cupboard and 50 followers.

    Cheers for the contest and the great blog.


    There ya go bud.

  5. Thanks for the support guys is really appreciated


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