Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sanctum of the Aquila Part II

Good afternoon children I am glad to see you once again wandering through Father Nurgle's garden to harvest his bounty. Today I bring you part two of my Shrine of the Aquila & Sanctum Imperialis mix which I am referring to as the Sanctum of the Aquila ( unless someone can come up with a better name which shouldn't be hard ).

The eagle did get some Fenris grey on it but one coat covered nicely.

Thanks to the raging sun which keeps sneaking through between the torrential down pours I managed to get this sprayed black using the last of my citadel primer. I noticed it randomly spat out spots of paint which might be due to its age as I haven't used citadel primer for a while but spotted it on my shelf. Over all it came out nice and flat without any problems. Next up I gave it a base coat of Fenris grey foundation paint as to let it stand out nicely on my desert board.

After two coats of Vallejo Brass

Following on from this I added two watered down coats of Vallejo Brass which has covered it for the most part though up close it looks like a third layer may be required just to tidy it up. The base coat could do with a little cleaning up from my messy painting though was worth it to use a larger brush.

Nice but doesn't fit on this model sadly

I plan to have the lower steps, balcony doors and cathedral windows painted the same colour and thought the Vallejo Gun Metal Blue might do the trick after looking through the paint stand at my FLGS ( I consider it a good day if I make it out without at least one pot of paint, it's my Kryptonite ). While I do like the colour ( a nice metallic blue which with some silver highlights could make a quick effective power weapon ) I think the metallic blue doesn't compliment the flat base coat so I plan to redo this with a combination of greys and a brown wash which I have done before on my landing pad platform or possibly going for a Tin Bitz base so I can rust it up with some orange.

My amateur photography sadly washing out the blue

The next step I plan to take is to bring out the detail of the model, either using a dry brush with a lighter blue / grey, an orange wash to depict rust in the corners ( the orange may stand out too much on the blue though ) or a combination of the two. While on the eagle I am going to try a green glaze to try and give the impression of the brass tarnishing with age ( this could either go really well or need another coat to fix it ).

Until next time thank you for reading and if you have ideas on making the main colour appear aged please comment and hopefully the results should be ready for next Sunday ( unless the Templar Rhino that is hiding behind this behemoth decides it wants the paint I promised it ).



  1. Better name? How about huge bloody building! haha.
    It looks great, that brass looks great, I'll have to look into that.

  2. If you are after ageing the brass I'd recommend Vallejo verdigris, heavily watered and washed on.

    Then use a soft cloth to wipe off off all but the recesses and add some streaking.

    For ageing the blue, I'd go with some oil paints, some dots of different colours for modulation, brushed in with white spirit. Add some birth sienna for oil streaks and you're there

    I have a building I need to get to myself so maybe that's a tutee I cas do in the next couple of weeks.

    Nice work so far man, I think I need one of these shrine jobbies myself now :)

  3. @warflake Thanks the building has cone together quite nicely just don't want to ruin it with a bad paint job.

    @Karitas the Vallejo glaze sounds promising and gives me an excuse for a trip to the local store. I haven't tried oil paints before what are they like to work with compared to acrylics? I did plan to try them in the future once I had a better grip on painting with acrylics just don't want to run before I can walk.

  4. Looking good, the gold and blue go well together. Mine is sat in the spare room with only an undercoat at the bottom of the painting pile sadly. Layout of your sanctum looks good, would make an interesting attack the base scenario.

  5. I'm really loving this project, shows the versatility of the building sets. I just need to find a cheap shrine of aquilla and then I can do a bit of experementation :)

  6. Thanks guys it has been a fun distraction though is taking longer than I expected. Though I have picked up some Vallejo Verdigris glaze ( little misleading as it's one of thickest Vallejo paints I've got ) so all being well I'll try it out this week.

  7. Cool building matey. Any pictures of the entire thing as a whole?

  8. Thanks there is some slightly larger ones in the first post at the following link and I'll try to take a clearer picture on next update with it.


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