Sunday, 10 July 2011

Black Templar Rhino Interior WIP

Good afternoon minions of Grand Father Nurgle it is good to see the ever shifting ebb and flow of the warp has brought you back to our little corner of his garden.

This week I am breaking away from my Sanctum of the Aquila as I have made an initial test list to try and bring my Templars back in to use though I find myself needing three rhinos as I traded my rogue trader Rhinos to Ones_for_the_One_God as I didn't like the mix of old & new sized Rhino's ( I do like the shape of them they were just too small compared to the new ones so had to be all old or all new ). My plan was to finish the Razorback I bought as both Rhino & Razorback and then purchase a second and eventually replace my original new style Rhino which doesn't have any Templar iconography on it (so is clearly not worthy of serving in the great crusade ).

However this was not meant to be as while I was in the FLGS picking up some paint on the advice of Karitas I had a boxed Razorback made to do Jazz Hands ( as well as an inanimate box of plastic can ) in front of my eyes by Dalinair and it came home with me and has forced the first one to have the interior started so I can assemble the second one.

The brown & khaki used were an attempt to contrast with the black

If you are still with me I am impressed as I have rambled on with the background as to why I have started on this model despite wanting to work on my Sanctum. I decided to paint the floor, seats and ramp using Vallejo Hull Red ( I used it on my Kroots rifles and plan to use it on my Tomb King weapons as I really like the warm colour it gives without being over powering ), the walls in Khaki and the gun & console in Vallejo Black ( after testing a few colours for the guns I decided to go with black as most will be using Bolt Pistols which already have chains on them ).

Looking better than black in my opinion though miles off being impressive.

The floor colouring went on quickly and without any grief, however like a fresh faced "newb" I tried painting the Khaki straight on to black. Sadly Khaki is quite a watery paint which suffers from the same issues as white and I should have put an intermediate colour on firstly ( most likely to be Dheneb Stone foundation paint ).

Cant forget to paint the roof...

The roof got the same treatment as the walls. When dry fitting (because I wanted to see if it was worth the effort to paint the inside of a closed box ) I noticed the internal doesn't line up with the recess near the hatches and requires paint in there to avoid a black line.

A little detail on the console

Next I painted a few buttons by the rear hatch and the console with Vallejo Flat Red ( which I may chance as seems a little bright for buttons ) and Dark Angels Green. The keypads on the console I used Vallejo Gun Metal Blue ( I desperately wanted to use it on something and am happy with how it looks in small doses ) with Vallejo Deep Sea Blue for the screens.

Next I need to weather the inside as would expect the doors & floor to have gather dirt in between being scrubbed by the servitors once back with the fleet. In the end I am happy with the progress and don't regret painting the inside as much as I thought I would.

I have learnt a few valuable lessons (more than I expected to with such a seemingly straight forward task ) of which the most important is even part assembled it is a nightmare to try and paint the interior in the confined spaces created by the floor & walls and would encourage anyone planning to paint the interior to do it before assembling it.

Until next time please spread the blight of our Father to all you encounter.



  1. Looks pretty good, its a nice change to see the inside painted though at the same time a shame you rarely see it in a game after it gets covered up.

  2. Thanks I'm glad I tried it and think I will continue to do it so when I get wrecked I can take the top hatch off and have it look half decent inside, despite it only being big enough for Squats in there.


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