Saturday, 14 July 2012

Crashed Aquilla Lander WIP

Hello and good day to you all. Welcome back to Nurgle's favoured cupboard. I apologise for the lack of posts by myself I have not been captured by the Inquisition I been lurking in the shadows. All my spare time is currently being pumped into my new home. I am on my way over later for round two of wall paper stripping. I can tell you for those that have never done this that it is one of the most pain the ass things you can do. Maybe I have upset Papa Nurgle and it is punishment. If it is I hope this offering to him will reduce my suffering.

In the time I have had for my beloved hobby I decided instead of painting something small I would go for a larger piece. This is because I am unsure when I will be moving stuff over to my new domain and I wanted some easy to pick up as I often find that if I take large breaks in painting models I either misplace them or I forget what I was doing last or what colour I was highlighting.

The piece I am currently working on is Crashed Aquilla Lander from the Battle For Macragge. I picked this beauty up from eBay for about £7 a long time ago already sprayed and with a basecoat of Machrite Red. I have just finished going over the Machrite Red with Orkhide Shade as I wanted the Aquilla Lander to look like it was used for military purposes in an Imperial Guard regiment for a high commander or something.

So it's not much this week but I will give you another work in progress when I get some more done on it. Until next time I hope Father Nurgle is kinder with his blessings to you all.


  1. You've made a nice start on the wreckage and should be good for the masses of terrain needed in 6th. Look forward to see how it turns out as might give me a cheeky glimpse into how you plan to do your board when you're settled in properly.

    Good luck with the stripping and hope you don't find anything costly underneath.

  2. Most of your painting is pretty good so I look forward to seeing how the terrain turns out.


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