Friday, 6 January 2012

Into the New Year...

Hello and welcome back. I hope over the holiday period Papa Nurgle blessed you and you got everything you asked for! I have to say I feel pretty by blessed by Papa Nurgle this year as I got excellent gifts from my girlfriend and her brother. They are so good in fact I thought I would share a review of them with you.

OK, first up is something you may have seen Games Workshop release a couple of months back. It's the paint Station Plus. Direct from GW this comes in at £32. Now it is excellent for someone like me who doesn't have a desk to paint their models on or have a proper desk setup, but it is a little too pricey in my opinion. If your able to get it cheaper by shopping around I would say its worth a try or if you can get it as a gift from someone then all the better! The design is pretty good all the components fit in snugly and the quality feels pretty good. The water pots and paint palettes are better then I thought they would be.

The paint pots have different sized holes around the inner rim allowing you to suspend your brush within the water meaning you can leave it there while doing other stuff and it will get a good clean. The paint palettes have a dimpled surface, which makes it great for mixing paints as it keeps it all in the same area and when you loading your brush up you cna use the contour of the dimple to shape your brush! Some other handy features of the paint station is that your can stand your brushes up along the sides meaning that you done have to worry about them rolling around your desk and there are slots for your pots of paint to keep them in place. With this thing my painting area has never been so organised!

The present I got off my future brother in law was probably my favourite gift this Christmas. He bought me the game Zombies!!! Basically a game of making your way through a zombie infested city to a helipad to escape. The rules are really simples and not long at all, about a sheet of A4 in length. The figures are about 12mm scale, but are pretty well detailed. You get 6 different colours 'shotgun guys' and about 50 male and 50 female zombies. The figures are unfortunately exactly the same. You also get 32 city tiles and a 50 event cards. The art work in this revised edition has been revised and is really good.

Now on the game itself you can get hold of this for about £20 - 25, which I have to say is fantastic value. It allows between 2- 6 players so no one should feel left out and to be honest the more players you have the better, but remember there can be only one survivor! A game will last between 45 minutes to 2 hours depends on the number of players. There are also a number of expansions for this game as well, which I am already looking at doing seeing as the original has been so much fun to play.

And that's it from me this week, I hope you are all good this coming year and spread the blessings of our Plague Father. If you are he will look kindly upon you.


  1. Zombies is a lot of fun to play, but here's something fun you can do in the game, use the rocket launcher to blow up the helicopter pad and prevent the other players from escaping. This strategy might seem a bit pro-zombie but all I have to say about that is... BRAINS!

  2. Great blog !

    Im following you, You can follow me too

  3. Haha, ZOMBIES!!!! cant wait to have a game of this, i also really need to get started on that zombie killteam idea i mentioned, maybe a game of this will give me a bit of inspiration?

  4. Sorry I missed out on playing this but definitely up for the next game of it and I love the idea of blowing up the helipad if you think you are gonna lose.

    DuendE I checked out your blog and although I don't read Spanish you have some very nicely painted models, especially like the Nurgle Jesters as they look very sinister.

  5. @Chris - Not a bad idea, I've only played two games so far, but will definately play more as its a quick, simple and a hell of a alot of fun!

    @DuendE - Thanks, myself and O'Shashar have signed up to your blog aswell.

    @Dorn's Arrow - Brains! Maybe it could be the pre-game entertainment for Superbowl? I certainly think it will help inspire your Zombies Killteam idea.

    @O'Shashar - I'm sure we will be having another game soon, as soon as I know I will let you know.

  6. Just played my first game of zombies, just me vs Mighty Simo... what an awesome game!!! It could have gone either way right at the end, with both of us screwing each other over... in the end he won with 25 zombie kills while i was 2 spaces from the helipad with 2 zombies to fight through. So easy to pick up and play, think im hooked already! :)


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