Tuesday 15 January 2013

Super Dungeon Explore and Dark Angels Test Model

Greetings Nurgley Friends. Today I just have a quick post for you with a couple of completed models (and one not so completed).

First up is a Spawning Point and Dwarf model from Super Dungeon Explore. I picked up the box for this brand new on Ebay, the aim of which is for me to paint half of it and my girlfriend to paint the other half, hopefully fairly quickly so that we can play a few games. So far I'm in the lead however as she hasn't picked up a brush yet.

I have also begun work on the Paladin figure (only painted the basecoat colours so far). I am really impressed with the SDE models, they are lovely figures to paint, and I'm pleased how well the colours are coming out on the white primer.

I have also finished my test model for my Dark Angels (just in time for the new codex!) I'm pleased with the colour scheme I have gone for here, as due to the Army Painter Angel Green spray I should be able to shift these out fairly quickly (I only do a subsequent wash, re-layer and edge highlight after that).

Next up on my paint station will be my test model for the Deathwing, which is currently being primed with Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray, and which I can't wait to get working on.

Until next time, keep the pestilence flowing in the name of Nurgle.


  1. Good going the Dark Angel looks good for the few steps you say it took should have a whole army knocked up in no time.

    Can't wait to see what you think of SDE as I was tempted when it came out but read a  review the models were a nightmare to assemble.

  2. The ones i have put together so far havent been too bad, the mold lines are sometimes a bit of a nightmare as the plastic is a bit tougher than citadel stuff, so seems to take forever to scrape/file em off... but they have stuck together fine so far with superglue.

    Yeah the dark angel wo dead quick, primed a deathwing terminator with skeleton bone today too so that should be painted up pretty quick :)

  3. Good work on the models. I really like the SDE models, I bet they are awesome to paint!

  4. They are quite odd really because some of the details aren't well defined and you have to use a bit of creativity and guesswork (the hands on these models are almost impossible to make out), whereas other areas (such as the Paladin's Cape and Hair) are really nicely modelled and painting those areas is a breeze. Overall though they are fun to paint and a nice change from warhammer and 40k.


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